anyone else!!!

usual sat night with hubs at work!!! he's working tomorrow night too!! boooo!!

anyone have any nice plans for the weekend?



  • could be worse, mine's watching snooker!
    I'm flitting between this and facebook!
  • booo snooker!! my hubs watches that too!!
    i am on here and catching up with bones on sky plus!
    david boreanaz is sooooo dreamy!!!
  • never seen it. don't tend to watch much tv what with two kids and a hubby to look after lol.

    He's at work tomorrow so it'll be church with the kids and then relaxing the rest of the day image
  • the evenings when hubs at work are the only time i manage tv!! we have a 5 year old who is on the go constantly!!!! the joys!!!

  • tell me about it, i have a girl of 8 and a boy of five. when they aren't fighting they are playing REALLY noisy games lol (and i want another ha ha ha)
  • tell me about it!!! he's on his own and make enough noise for 5 babies!!!
    i do ponder my decision to want another especially when he's wide awake st 5am!!! lol

  • it's all good fun though lol!

    Well, i have to go beddy byes. been a long day image nice talking to you
  • Im not up to much, ive just finished work so feel like being lazy!
    Im doing the same as Mrs Claire, just flicking to and fro to facebook and here. Im just waiting for something to finish cooking on my cafe world! hehe

  • Hey mpp!

    Any more news on the hpt/ov stick saga?

  • No more news as yet, going to restest monday morning after those lines i got.

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