finally after 76 days........ CD 1!!

well i am actually pleased she is finally here!!! although she has matched the longest one yet!! grrr!!
she is here full swing!! woop woop!!!

operation baby can commence as soon as she's gone!!

oh and it would appear all you ladies that helped with my last weirdness was right it was ov!!

sorry haven't been on much we moved 2 weeks ago and been staying at a friends and finally got into new house yesterday!! internet will be back on from next week!! yaaay!!

hope all are well



  • woohoo! congrats on the new house and AF arriving!

  • Congrats on af hun, at least you can start BDing when shes gone and know where you are at in your cycle.

  • Glad she came for you - it sucks when she's nowhere to be seen. Currently on CD95. Last one was 150 days so I could still have a fair old wait. Ra!!
    All the best for this cycle - hope it's a bit shorter and ends with a BFP! xx
  • Oh my mrs robson! That is crazily long! Sending you af sprinkles!! It is really frustrating!!

    On one hand I am glad she's here but on the other just wish it wasn't so damn painful!! Lol!!
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