Stop me please!!!

I need stopping! I'm out of control, i can't stop POAS!!!!

I'm not even supposed to be testing yet, but i have no self control and everytime i go to the loo i have the urge to do it! Please help!!!!!!!


  • Do you have a garage or shed that you could put the tests in? Its like this horrendous compulsion comes over you isnt it?!?!!!!!!
  • Try to hide them far away from the bathroom or get your hubby to hide them for you and to only let you have one when af is late! x
  • I azm not going to buy any or have any in the house till i am due to test hopfully that will stop me LOL

    K xxx
  • step away from the tests!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know what you mean, it's an addiction.

    i have been known to spend about ??40 on them at one time - now I am not allowed to buy any till hubby says so (apart from the www ones that he doesnt know about ;\) :lol: )

  • Ive just ordered 10 off e bay. They will be gone in a couple of days lol.
    It is an addiction, just like coming on this site hee hee
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