I need help with my temp. charts

Hi Ladies,

This is my first month tracking my temps (and also first month off the pill) and my chart makes NO sense at all. It is up and down all over the place. Was convinced I was ovulating a few days ago as I had EWCM but my temps have not gone up, in fact they've dipped to their lowest ever!! :roll:

I'm now on day 25 since my withrawal bleed and last time I came off the pill I think it took about 40 days to re-start my periods.

So if anyone can help me at all would be extremely grateful xx


  • Oh one more thing, if my cycle was at it's normal 28 days I would be due AF on Thursday, so when do think I should first do a pg test? (BTW I'm pretty sure I'm not PG but you never know!)
  • hi hun, have you had an af since coming off the pill. i was 28day before pill that is till i came off it a year ago last august now i have 37day cycles. if your temps have dropped really low thats usually a since that ov is happening or going to happen i would keep bd and see if they rise again over the next few days. hope this helps hun.xxxxxxxxx
  • Nope, only had the withdrawal bleed. Have come off the pill a few times in the past and they were always pretty quick in returning to normal.

    Ooooh I'm excited if the dip in temperature is the start of ovulation then!

    Thanks xxxx
  • that what usually happens with me hun, my temps dip to there lowest then start to rise again, i think usually on the first rise after the dip is usually the day i ov. good luck hun.xxxxxxxx
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