just a little update from me

hey every1, hope your all ok and having lots of fun ttc!! so we decided not to ttc this month so that we can have the test carried out to see if anything is wrong with me. been to see my doctor and phoning bupa on monday to arrange my appointment. hopefully i wont have to wait to long, not sure what test to expect but im sure they will explain all to me.
will nip on here again when i have an appointment and if you would like i will share how it goes.

sending you all lots and lots of babydust xxxx


  • Aww hon, hope the test is something straight forward and not too bizarre or painful. Have no idea what sort of thing it could be!

    We'd all love to hear how you're getting on with your appointments and stuff but only if you want to share with us. I can imagine its all very emotional and stressful for you both at the minute so if you need to have a rant you certainly know where we all are.

    Hope the appointment is soon so you can get back to TTC quickly, good luck hon xxx
  • hope it goes well hun, good luck! xxxx
  • Hope all is well hun and that you are getting some rest and relaxation.

    Good luck xx
  • Hey sally,

    I hope you are ok, Will be great to hear of any updates, I hope everything goes alright. :\)

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