CD 3...I think, anyone else?

I finished my last pill last Thursday and AF showed up on Tuesday as usual. So does that mean I am on CD 3 even though I have just come off my pill. I know that things are not going to be so predictable now I have come off my pill but if I can roughly work out where I am. Anyone else on CD3? xx

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  • Hiya, I'm on CD4 so close! You count the first day of AF as CD1 even though you've just come off the pill. Don't worry if your cycle is a bit irregular at first, mine was when I had just come off the pill (quite long cycles) but they did settle down. I'm ttc no 2 and cycles have been erratic again after stopping breastfeeding in Feb but looks like they are settling again. x
  • Hi Emmsy4,

    I came off my pill for a while in my first marriage but was so irregular. I am expecting the same again so in preparation I am about to buy some agnus castus just in case. I am hoping because I have only been back on my pill less than a year it won't take so long to get out of my system. If I remember rightly my cycles were 60-70 plus. I can't get too stressed about it as it sets off my IBS so must remain relaxed and try and enjoy it! xx

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  • I'm CD4 as well... hoping this is our month but just found out DH plans have changed and he'll be leaving 2 days before i ov - we can still try but not much pma for this month... I'll keep out for you girls!
  • Hi Shoegal,

    I'm on CD3 today too, can't wait to start trying as soon as AF goes away, good to be prepared! We can symptom spot together!

  • Frillypink* - That is so typical that your OH is going away. Is that to work? I am sure I read somewhere that sperm stays alive for so many hours so you never know if you keep BD before he leaves you may still catch your ovulation. I am pretending to know what I am talking about now ha ha. My OH has been in Scotland for two weeks but home tomorrow, can't wait!!!

    Wispa - That would be good to have someone to symptom spot with. I usually finish on a Friday but that is when I take my pill, hope I still finish tomorrow though. We are dying to start BD!! ;\)

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  • I'm due to finish tomo too and am hoping i still do. Usually take my first pill on a saturday. Not looking forward to getting heavier AFs, another reason to hope for quick BFP. Do you think we'll get coming off pill symptoms eg bloating, spots, moods etc? Hope not!
  • I'm on cd3 too! Came off the pill end of feb, had my wd bleed and this is now af #2! Very pleased she came almost a week early as knew I was out for this month, can get bd sooner than I thought!

    Good luck to us all xx
  • Wispa - I usually take my pill first thing on a Friday morning. Hope I do stop by tomorrow night, would be gutted after two weeks away we can't start BD straight away. We are going to stop at my Mam and Dad's caravan on Saturday so not expecting to BD there!!

    God I hope we don't get coming off pill symptoms. I used to suffer really heavy AF's before starting the pill many moons ago, just hope they are not like that again especially now suffering from IBS which is worse on my AF. We shall soon find out whether this is the case or not...

    Wildthing - Have your cycles been ok since coming off the pill? I am dreading mine being ridiculously long. I am sure they were about 70+ last time I came off my pill. Here here, good luck to us all.


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  • Hi am i on cd6 today so a bit in front of you, Hope we all get out BFP this month

  • Wispa - I found that when I came off the pill when ttc no 1 my periods were definitely lighter for 6 months (until I got the BFP). Hope yours are too! x
  • Ooh, thanks emmsy4, that sounds good, hope so.
  • PinkH - I hope we all do too! xx

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  • Hi Hun,

    I wa very lucky with mine after coming off the pill. Like I said, I had the wd then 35 days later I had af then this cycle was 29 days so I'm really pleased. I was on Yasmin - what were you on? Xx
  • I am not on anything yet... I have the feeling I may be purchasing Agnus Castus to try and regulate myself. I am dreading my next AF, expect the worse then you may be nicely surprised xx

  • Hiya, I am on CD1. Had my first AF after coming off the pill at the end of March two weeks after and then bang on 28 days later (today) my AF arrived again so am hoping that I remain regular and here's to lots of BD next weekend!
  • I hope my AF's are as regular as your's Sammy9. I have a feeling mine will be reach triple figures!! xx

  • Fingers crossed for you Shoegal82 that is calms down and you do not reach triple figures! xx
  • Thanks Sammy9 xx

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