Feeling yukky....

Hi ladies,

Just as the title says really, I am all of a sudden feeling yuk! I have been painting today (not sure if I am supposed to if I am potentially pg but can't put my life on hold til I know really) and I have just come over very nauseous (can't spell that). I should be testing tomorrow but was going to wait til Monday, seen as I am feeling this I may still test tomorrow. The strange thing is I used to get a sicky feeling around 6 - 7pm last time I was pg (mmc).

I am starting to worry that I am pg after something my mum said to me the other day, while discussing what meal I should put myself down for at the wedding (the starter is camembert which obv can't have if am pg and needed to let the caterer know on Friday) and she said "oh your not are you?" when I told her that was charming she said that she just didn't want me getting all stressed out and then going away on honeymoon (long flight) and potentially having another mc and blaming the wedding / flight. She would rather we tried after the wedding for my benefit.....should I be worried about these things??

Sorry this was a longer one than I initially intended - guess I just needed to rant a little!



  • well they do say dont fly b4 12wks and after 35wks but some ppl still do hun x

    id test tho hehe x
  • I think the advice on flying differs actually. I know there was a thread on here a while ago and loads of ladies have flown in their first trimester with no problems! I googled it myself and found that there are no actual guidelines and everything i read said it is safe. I read that even pregnant flight attendants are still expected to work so it must be safe as they fly on a very regular basis!!

    Best thing to do is ask your gp what they recommend in terms of ttc and long haul flights!
  • Well it may all be a moot point if I get a bfn but I seem to have a fair few symptoms that I have previously had. If it is a bfn then my body is VERY mean! image
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