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Hey Ladies

Just a quick question really - I have joined FF and started doing my temp for the last 3 days (I am on CD 12 now) and it was pretty much the same the first couple of days but then this morning went up quite a bit - I did take it 1 hour earlier than the last 2 days because of going to work etc but do you think this means I could be about to ovulate? Would be over the moon if I am or have cause I have PCOS and my first AF took130 days!!!image


  • Hi hun, you can only really tell if you have 3 consistent days with high temps, also the hour difference could quite possibly be the reason for the high temp. The last 2 sundays I have ignored my alarm call and my temps were high both Sundays (if you want to look at my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2b72e1)

    At the weekends I keep my alarm on so I can take them the same time all week.

    Hope that helps x
  • Thanks Yummy mummy 2b, thats really helpful seeing someone elses. So when did you ovulate then? just find it all quite confusing!! Not sure I like the idea of doing my temp at 6.30 am but think I will have to give it a go!!!
  • I haven't ovulated yet this month, but if you scroll down to last months you can see by the red cross where I Ovulated. Mine is also a bit all over the place, it's supposed to be a bit calmer than mine too.

    You can look at other peoples chart on FF by clicking on chart gallery, it's really interesting!
  • Oh and it really isn't that bad getting up early at the weekends, I just switch the alarm off, stick the thermometer in my mouth and wait for the beep, make a note of the temp (or some thermometers store the temp so you can look when you're more awake) and then go back to sleep x
  • That's what I do and have been known to fall asleep with it in my gob!!
    There is a temp adjustment bit tho isn't there....
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