Anyone Around CD15...? Cycle Buddies Wanted :)

Hi Ladies

Any ladies on here around CD15 and want to be Cycle Buddies?

Baby dust to all xxx

Lou image


  • Hi Lou,

    Am CD15 of this cycle but its complicated. however I will be your new buddy.

  • Hi Pink Angel,

    I am on day 15 and would love a cycle buddy image

    How long are your cycles??

    Love MrsH x
  • Forgot to say my cycles are 35-45 days long so super long eek xx
  • HI both, My Cycles are at 28 days so far xx
  • My cycles are 28/29 so very similar.
    When are you planning on testing? When is AF due?

    *waves to SD* XXX

  • im on cd 17 of a roughly 26 day cycle. this is month four for us and my fingers are crossed but im not very hopeful this month as i thinked we missed out ov days due to us working different shifts!!!! but you never know i guess. have had some AF type pains today and yesterday which i never get plus some blood when i blew my nose (is that even a symptom)...........but i guess when your ttc you wil grasp onto any symptom that might be THE one :roll: but as im at the most 7 days past OV its probably too soon for any of these!!!

    good luck girls, may the force be with you x
  • *waves to everyone* ok I will join but prob be the last to get a BFP with my stupid long cycles could do with a few buddies right now image

  • *waves to Berly*

    looking forward to sharing the journey with you girlies xx
  • Hi
    Mrs H - Planning on testing on either 18th or 19th.

    SD - **Waves** Hi hope your ok? Been following your posts

    berly - This also our 4th Month of trying. Feeling a bit odd this month compared to the others but as you said when TTC you grasp at every symptom.

    Good Luck and sending Lots of Baby Dust and PMA xx
  • I am going to try and hold out till when AF is due, trying not to test early image

  • i have tested early every month since jan and wasted a lot of money in the process. im testing next wknd if AF not arrived by then. probably the sat as that would be my longest cyce day. good luck to you all x
  • I'm due 22nd so think i'm cd 14 of a 28dc.
  • Hi I am CD 15 today can i join. This is 3rd cycle since stopping pill back in Nov (55days, 50 days, 28 days) Am bding every other day at moment but still waiting for a high on my new CBFM!
  • hi mrsmel and macdoona, the more the merrier!

  • Thank you. I don't know about the 2ww being bad but waiting to ov is just as bad!
  • Thanks mrsH
    my name is Donna, been ttc since Nov.
  • Hi ladies can I join? I'm cd 14 but its my first month off the pill so not sure how long my cycles are. Bought some cheap ov sticks from ebay and not had a +ve yet although heard some can be unreliable. Being every other day just incase I miss it. This is all new to me as my dd wasn't planned but I'm becoming very frustrated waiting to ovulate now!! Babydust to all xx
  • Hi Donna *waves*

    Hi Lydia'smummy, I tried ebay cheapies once or twice and never got a strong positive either... not sure how good they are?

  • Hi everyone,

    Well have been to the docs today and I have a water infection, she done a pregnancy test because we are trying and it was negative so she gave me some antibiotics but just incase they are safe to take in pregnancy.

    Hope wrote on my other thread that having a water infection can affect your hpts does anyone know if this is true.

    Am not sure how long I have had the infection but my back and legs have been aching for nearly 2 weeks. I dont want to feel like am clutching at straws so for time being am assuming am not pregnant but I did think I was getting faint lines so maybe I should do another test next week or something??

    Now I got my pos opk on CD27 last month, noted it all down incase I need to go to docs again.

    I have a cycle ranging from 35-45 days so I am going to test for ov CD26 19th April just hope I dont miss it but I only have 3 OPK sticks left for CBD and they are soooooo expensive.

    Fingers crossed for us all xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    How are we all getting on with the dreaded 2ww lol?

    Im on Day 19 of a 28 Cycle... I've got my fingers crossed so tight that this is our month....

    **Baby Dust** to you all xx
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