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Earliest time to test

I know things can get a bit mental when ttc but just wondered what you think the earliest day would be to test and get an accurate reading. Last time it was 12DPO, as I normally have a 11 day LP but seem to remember getting BFN at 9DPO. Would be interested to know what people think as I'm dying to test, even though I'm only 9DPO but could be 5DPO or may not even have ov'd yet, as this is my first cycle back after breastfeeding. Can't believe I've been so engulfed by ttc already! And we only BD'd once :roll:

Thanks xx


  • Hello,

    Not much I can offer in form of advice, but just wanted to say me and OH only BD once and I got my BFP last week! It can be done. Some ladies get it as early as 9DPO but it all depends on when you ovulated. Also it depends on when implantation takes place because that's when the hormone starts to grow. Look out for implantation bleeding, that could be anywhere from 8-14daysDPO (Mine was 12DPO) GL x Sorry not much help - just a load of rambling on!
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