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false negative pregnancy tests, anyone? update

I got married a week ago and husband and i decided begining of last month to start trying for a family, Anyway we weren't really trying as thought we would start properly once we were married. My period is usually very regular. However, my last period was on 30 september and i still have not had my period, i have done two tests one on saturday & one on sunday both were negative. As we haven't been planning on getting pregnant i hven't been keeping track of my period. we had sex on 20, 21st & 22nd october which i originally thought would not be fertile dys but as my period is still not here it could be that i was feritle on those days. Im now at 35 day cycle and don't remember being this long ever!
I am so tired, bloated and my skin broke out in spots last week but have no sign of my period.
Is it possible to have false negative pregnancy tests?
Has anyone had one?
i have decided to wait until tomorrow to do another test, i have never, ever missed a period so how long do i leave it before going to the doctor!
Im keeping everything crossed that im pregnant!


tested this morning and it was negative, im so gutted. still no AF, i hope it come soon as husband works offshore so i better be ov when he is home.

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  • I have read that sometimes you can get a false negative result. What test are you using is it a decent one or a cheapo one? I would do another test in maybe 4 or 5 days time and then book in to see your GP as you have said this isnt normal for you


  • I was using the asda tests, to be honest i firstly thought it was wishful thinking but am now wondering if i could really be this lucky. I wasn't on the pill before, but wasn't monitoring my periods just knew they came every month roughly aaround 30 days.
    Ill do a test tomorrow morning and see how it goes. im keeping everything crossed now.
  • Hi

    I had 3 false negative results, then 2 days leter brought a clearblue digital one and sur enough i was pregnant, i think i just tested 2 early, test again 2moro and let us all no if you get your bfp, good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi hun, You can get false negatives. What time of day did you test? It's best to test with your first wee of the day as it is more concentrated. Did you get stressed out before your wedding, it's just that added stress can alter your cycle so possible could be that it's just a longer month for you. Fingers crossed that it is your bfp though! That would be a wonderful wedding prezzie xxxx
  • hi.
    im in same boat as you im very late about a month late i went to the doctors and was told baxically just to wait if nothing for another month then they would do a blood test but i havent had a period for 8weeks.....
    stress can cause problems and some people dont show the pregnancy hormone early on..... our bodies are strange things
  • hiya

    just read this post and im anxious to know did you test today? lol

    hope you get BFP

    charlie x
  • I've just started a thread about this - "Reliability of First Reponse HPT??"

    My AF may be due today (not quite sure what my cycle length is yet) so I tested last night and got BFP (though feint!) then tested again this morning and got BFN. Convinced I'm not pregnant now but still kinda hopeful.....
  • awww just read your update. Might be too early to tell though, is not over until your af arrives. fingers crossed

    charlie x
  • Hi i know lots of peeps who have had false bfn. If you you become a month later then go to the doctors i went when was 2 weeks late and they told me to go bk to weeks later wich is next week they said it can still be to early to show on some tests even when you are late. If your going to test i would recomend using a diff test to the one's you've been using and i have heard bad things about the asda test i knew someone who was 5 months pregnant found one of the tests so though she would use it to see her bfp again and it was a bfn. Good luck hun let us all know how you get on x x x
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