Why did I give in.....

... to the damn poas!?

I know its way to early, but couldn't help myself! That'll teach me, wasted ??9! Lol!

Thats it am definitely waiting until AF is due. :x


  • I gave into temptation yesterday morning! I was 9DPO yesterday and I couldn't resist trying with a Home Bargains cheapie (2 for 99p). It was a little bit gutting when there wasn't even a hint of a second line, but then I told myself off for doing it so early!
    Hope you don't have too long to wait to get your BFP pet! x
  • Lol! I'm 9 dpo today, its just soo tempting isn't it!

    Good luck to you too, fingers crossed for your bfp hun! image
  • :lol: I'm only 4 dpo and I'm very tempted, how am I going to last another 9 days!!!! :lol:
  • Lol! If you hold on for 9 days, so will I and we can do it together!!!image
  • I caved too today, 12dpo and bfn. :cry: Hate ttc. Rarrrgh!

    Big hugs, are you going to test again in a couple of days or keep waiting? xx
  • my goodness, im only CD16 - only just ov'd today!!!!
    I finally got my smiley face on the CBD test stick this evening - am really over the moon as was on depo injection and thought i had ruined my body by being on it....but obv not.

    So I still have another 14 days to go and lots of BDing to do!!!!!! :lol:

    My poor DH!!!! XX
  • Lol! I bet they love this ttc business! Thanks for the hugs kittensmittens, I've made up my mind to wait until AF is due, although it'll be soo hard!

    Symptoms so far (ssing also addictive!)
    Cramps in tummy
    Lower leg ache
    Tender boobs
    Funny taste in mouth
    Spots - never get spots!
    Very tired all the time

    Although this could all be stuff that would normally happen to me at this time in my cycle. Hmm!

    Good luck ladies and have fun bd'ing mrslolly ;\)

    Babydust for added luck! image
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