Hi Im new

Hello, just joined this forum so thought I'd introduce myself! Im Lora and Im 25. I already have 3 children- Caitlyn 7, Ollie 3 and Eve- who we lost at 5 days old in December. We have been TTC pretty much since then but with no luck. Have just bought a CBFM and am on my 1st month of using it. Heres wishing and Hoping......
Lora xxxxx


  • Hi Lora and weclome. I am so sorry to hear about Eve, i wish you every luck in getting that BFP and while your trying to do so , we are all here for questions and chat and so on.

    I am 26, Karen and we are trying for our first baby i am now heading on to my month three of tryingimage

    k xx
  • Welcome Loral Loo!
  • welcome loraloo. so sorry to hear about eve. hope you get your bfp very soon. all the girls on here are very friendly and helpful. if you need to know anything or offload.

    im angela i have a wee girl called chloe 19months and we are in our first month of ttc no2.xx
  • I wish you all the luck in the world, if you ever want to chat about anything conception related (or not) then we're all here.

  • hi i am chloe i have 3 children 12 9 and 15 and we are ttc sorry about eve. i hope you have a bfp soon hun x oh and welcome xxx!!!
  • Hey im jennie and ttc!
    Sorry about eve, everybody is really nice here, its so good to talk to other people about the frustrations of ttc image
    Good luck and welcome! xx
  • Thanks Ladies. No baby could ever replace Eve, she was so perfect (she died at home due to the Meningitis bacteria) but we would really like another baby. Its a physical ache to hold a baby in my arms. Lora xxxxx
  • hello and welcome. i'm so sorry to hear about Eve. i really feel for you.
    good luck ttc again, we're all here for you. lots of welcoming babydust
  • hi and welcome. im 24 and we are ttc our first...and this is our first month of 'properly trying' So sorry to hear about Eve and i cannot even begin to imagin what you went through. Good look with ttc
  • Hi Lora and welcome! I'm Nikki and am ttc our 2nd baby,have a little boy called Finley and would love to make him a big brother!
    So sorry to hear about your daughter and good luck ttc.x
  • Hi & welcome, I'm so sorry to hear about Eve (that's a beautiful name by the way). I'm 30 and just started ttc our first, really hope it happens for us all soon!

    Caroline xxx
  • Hi Lora
    I am also pretty new - welcome to the site, everyone is lovely. So sorry to hear about baby Eve, my thoughts are with you. Really hope you get to hold another lo really soon.

    I have 2 little girls - 4 and 2 and am currently ttc number 3 as have always wanted 3 children. Am on month 8/9 - lost count as have such irregular cycles - still only 2 AF's in that time so not had much luck so far.
    Lots of babydust to everyone.

  • Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear about Eve. xx
  • welcome hun, every one on here are lovely x x good luck xxx
  • Hi LoraLoo, welcome to the site. Of course you could never replace Eve, but there must be a hole left by her. I hope you get your bfp really soon. xx
  • Hi and welcome to the sute, good luck ttc.
  • Hi Lora im new to all this ttc stuff too image
    i already have an 8 1/2 month old daughter and we are in our second month of trying. good luck x
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