Hey girls,

I've seena afew of you chatting about how its best to orgasm with your man to get pregnant. My trouble is I don't orgasm and its really starting to get my oh and me a bit down. I orgasm 100% of the time with oral but never with full blown BD!!

Sorry to ask but any tips for getting an orgasm?!!

Lots of thanks and love
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  • I had heard the whole orgasm thing too!!
    I don't think many people orgasm with only bd'ing.

    Not sure it will have the same effect but maybe a bit of 'self help' after bd would have the same effect??? Can't believe I'm talking publically about this!!!! :lol:

  • Could he do his bit so they are in there already and then you have your orgasm afterwards? Think the spasms that the organsm causes are meant to get the sperm further into the uterus. Good luck!!!
  • Well I havent orgasmed for a few yrs unfortunatly but when I did I was on top sliding backwards and forwards very fast so when you get a little sweaty it gets slippery on legs so you slide fast. hope this position helps x
  • Lol at dappytart, thought about sugesting that(lets face it-I'm on my own with a syringe) but decided I wasnt going public with that -oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hjanea - even better for you on your own - you won't have to worry about upsetting other halfs ego when you whip your rabbit out!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • i generally don't during bd, but like u through oral *lilac blushes* could u maybe stimulate urself while ur bd....manually or try anne summers!

    *lilac looks round nervously* r we sure my mum and dad can't hear this......
  • Or would it work if you got almost there with oral then swapped to bd then it might work?
  • try doggie position, we do it and i orgasm 90% of the time!!
    Goog luck!
  • No probs there but when bd-ing to try for a girl after 2 boys, advice is for the woman not to orgasm anyway, as it changes the ph of your bits, which the female sperm don't like too much! So to conceive my dd, hubby had to be selfish and i had to go without for once! It worked obviously!
  • Luc86 - you lucky girl!
    I don't orgasm through bd either. Maybe bd first then get a little friend from Anne Summers out to finish the job...!
  • During the 2ww if you have an orgasm, can this affect implantation?
  • why dont u get a vibrator?? just thinking this worked for us!! we were trying for 6 months! then got a toy and used that one on me first then straight after we would bd and that month i got pg!! maybe worth doing! sorry for gatecrashing! i haven't been in here for ages! just thought i'd take a peak see how ur all doing!
    princess+millie 22+5 xxx
  • Thanks for all your advice girls. Don't really like the whole ann summers thing tho - thats what i have a husband for!!!

    Think we'll try the oral and then just on the brink we'll swap to BD. Anything is worth a go I suppose.

  • I think its if the bloke ejaculates then the woman orgasms and it doesnt matter how you achieve this as long as you orgasm so if your going down the oral route, dont stop and then start BD'ing. Just keep on with the oral and orgasm. This causes like little hairs inside the fallopian tube to sweep the spermies in the right direction quicker and easier.
    I have my knowledge head on hee hee.

    oh yeah, one last thing, dont tell your husband that he will be licking where he has just cum (going bright red with embarrassment.......quick exit.....bye)
  • babymonkey!! LOL !! that is a conversation i wouldn't like to hear !! xxx
  • *sigh* I don't ever orgasm ever with my h2b. I always manage to get right ot the edge with h2b and then stop him - and I don't know why!
    Gets me pretty down too. If I can do it with me, why can't I get there with him?
  • If you do it with you, is it alone? If so could it be not wanting that temporary lack of control with him?
  • I used to be like this hun but then I learnt to relax and let go. Sometimes I have to stop OH as it feels so intense but other times its brill. You just have to go with the flow hun. xxx
  • If so could it be not wanting that temporary lack of control with him?

    It might be. I mean... it's probably rooted in my mind somewhere (I was raped before I met him) so sex can sometimes make me feel a bit tense. I'm getting better though image
  • Oh startingearly,

    That's not good hun, how horrible for you.

    You need to remember that your oh cares about you and wants to look after you and satisfy you.

    I never orgasmed before I met my husband, now I orgasm like crazy - but only in certain positions and it always requires a good long fiddle of the clit, penetration is happening - both at the same time! I used to do this myself, nut my husband has got the nack of doing both at the same time and it is amazing!!

    Best position for me is if husband lies on side, then I lay on my back (90 degree angle between us), leave loads of room for 'playing' whilst you get a good thrust too!!

    Hope this helps!

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