Am I now in 2ww????


I had two OPKs left from TTC with my first baby and used them this month.... the first one 2 days ago... if you squinted you could see this very faint line but POAS this morning and there is def a line there... not very dark but not as faint as 2 days ago.... does this mean I am ovulating? I did have some pains yesterday so maybe I am? Does this mean that I am now in the 2WW? I am CD13 today!!!!

Mrs J


  • hi mrs j im not sure as i dont use opks but didnt want to r&r ive read alot of posts about them and i think your right to assume you are in your 2ww goodluck x
  • Hello image

    The line has to be as dark as the control line or darker to be positive. As it got darker most likely u r approaching ovulation but might be ovulationg in 1 or 2 days.

    When the OPK is positive it means ur ovulating in 12-24 hrs. So i will consider the next day or even the following day to be 1 DPO.

    In ur case maybe CD15 will be DPO1. So you still hv time to BD.

    Charting ur temps is more acurate to when u ovulated. image
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