Well I guess the 2ww is here!

Hi girls ok well I have really thick white cm and its ewcm so I think I OV yesterday or last week some time? So I guess I am now on me 2ww. I hate this time!!!

K xx


  • im on my 2ww now i think not sure really checked the net and said i should ov between the 16th-21st but got a pos on opk on the 11th plus ewcm but now i dont know if af will be earlier or 3rd july
  • i agree with summer. BD just in case!!!
  • Sorry i wrote that wrong girls, I had a little ewcm last week and now today well now is the only time I have checked I am really dry and the very little I do have is thick and white I am pretty sure I have already OV though I am only on CD15 ?

    K xx
  • I would keep bding!!! Have you had any ov pains? xxxx
  • CD 15 is ok. You'll probably have your 28 day cycle again! xx
  • To be honest I am not sure I can bd tonight we have been clearing the garden up all day and we are both soooo tired. Plus I am sooooo dry??

    I had pains on friday and a few small ones on thursday but that was it. I am still not sure if I am actually oving after the pill so I think next month I will buy the OV sticks and give them ago image

    K xx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun xx
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