do OPKs ever not work??

hi everyone, just back from a fab on day 25 of a 35-36 day cycle, and i have beenn using Boots OPKs but still no dark line?? we have been BDing pretty much evrry 2 nights as is kind of the norm anyway, but im a bit worried if ive not ov'd by now i wont??

or could the OPKs be wrong? like if i have drunk alot of juice that day, could anything like that affect it? or am doing it at the wrong time of day, ive roughly been doing ti ariund 11am-2pm, i even did 2 in one day cause i was so paranoid!


  • I know you're not supposed to drink at least two hours before you do them and they do say not to use fmu as it won't give an accuate reading. I use superdrug ones and get positives on them. They are also bogof at the moment (??15.99 for 5, but get another box free). I also read that the best time is from 2pm. If you want to get the clear blue digital ov sticks they give you a smiley face when you get a positive. The cheapest place I have found is ??15.99 (?) from access diagnostic. Sorry to go on! Hope some of it has been useful to you!!
  • Hi,

    I think you can use them anytime of day. If you are not long off the pill or other contraceptive it might be that its taking a few months for things to get started. Not sure how far along you are?

    I would say keep trying or maybe switch brand when you need new ones to the superdrug ones - people here seem to like them a lot.
  • hi thanks everyone. this is our first month of ttc (no 3), but i wasnt on the pill, we used condoms normally, so i think eveything should just be as normal.

    ill just use the rest of this pack and chang brnds when i need more, i only have 10 days til af due anyway now xx
  • sometimes ov tests miss the actual peak of LH so don't give you a + test too.

    I have started using a BBT to ensure I do OV every month.
  • I test in the morning and when I get home from work...the result is almost always stronger in the evening but by testing twice I reckon I reduce the chance of missing the surge image
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