I just tested...UPDATE 4 BFP's but a negative CBD??

..and BFP!!!

I am only 10/11dpo so naughty early testing, but got a good line on a clear blue none digital test! I had a feeling I was, been feeling a bit dizzy and sick and my boobs feel tingly!

I had a good cycle this month which is unusual for me, I am normally really irregular but this month I ovulated on CD 12 (late for me!) and even had EWCM! We only did the deed twice though. once 4 days before ovulation and once the day before! Due early December I think!





Girls, I have now had 4 bfps- 3 clear blue non digital and one SD test- all of them easily noticable, not as dark as the control line obviously there, no sqinting or taking them apart required and dh is in agreement they are no doubt about it positive. But tried a CBD and it said NOT pregnant! I was gutted. I am still only 11/12dpo...do you think it's just too early for CBD?


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