Nothing to do with babies but.......

Good Morning all you baby obsessed ladies,

This has nothing to do with babies at all, just wanted to say morning to everyone, for some reason i'm in a really good mood today and am full of PMA! It's a glorious sunny day here today and I can't believe i'm stuck inside an office!!

I'm going paintballing with the girls from work on Saturday and i'm really excited, at least that's one good thing about not being pg as I wouldn't have been able to do it if I was!!

Anyway, how is everyone else today?



  • hey Jenny

    its always nice to get a really positvie message!!
    really hope you enjoy paintballing, but be warned it does hurt!!!
    if you do get hit try and do it from a distence then its not as bad!!! hope you don't bruise easy!!

    well weather here isn't that nice, athough its not raining so can't grumble!!
    i'm good still really postive and just enjoying my mth off although i think we may end up having bd more this mth than when we were 'trying' lol!!!

    you should try and get out for a bit at lunch!!
  • People keep telling me it really hurts so I am getting a bit nervous lol and I do bruise really easy so i'll probably be black and blue afterwards lol!!

    I think I might get my friends to come out with me for a bit of a drive at luch time actually, good suggestion.

    Well you never know Dani, you might just get caught this month anyway cos your so relaxed and are just bd for fun because let's face it, it is a lot of fun too lol x
  • Wear shin pads! I wore the ones I use for football as I hate having bruises all over my pins in summer.

  • Thats a really good idea Flush, my oh has got some as well as he plays rugby x
  • Hi love,

    So nice to see you in such a good mood image

    You will love pain balling though yes it does hurt and expect a couple of bruises.

    I am ok today the weather is great but i have been told my trains will be messed up again tomorrow morning and it's meant to be raining so not looking forward to that!

    k xx
  • Oh no K, how annoying, where do you live? If you don't mind me asking that is x
  • I live in Upmister Bridge about two seconds from the station and a few days ago the day i got home at 8-30 due to the trains being messed up they found a world war two bomb. Well they removed it last night and it cause all these problems this morning though i am being told it will be the same tomorrow?

    It's a pain as I would get the 7:57 train to fenchurch street and then walk to bank where i work but now i can't do that and will have to go all around the houses on hot smelly trains just to get to work!

    Sorry went off on a rant then!

    K xx
  • That's okay don't worry, is that in / near London then? Sorry I don't live in that part of the country, I live in Hull in East Yorkshire, my work is quite a long way from where I live but luckily there is a bus service about a 5 minute walk from me that brings me all the way to work x
  • Oh god sorry , all that would make no sense then LOL i live in essex and work in the london in the city image

  • That's okay, well that sounds much more glamourous then where I live lol x
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