0 days till your babys birth how i hate bloody seeing that every time i log in im so down on metformin about a month now and still no change i know its only been a month but this pcos as really getting me down i dont feel like a real women im fat depressed and cant have a baby my pma is truely dead and buried. i cant get thought of my babys that i lost out of my head. its been nothing but death in my family for last 5 years and on top of everything my partner as just found a small lump on is manly bits. i just dont know how much longer i can keep it alltogeather im in the doghouse with my mum i dont mean to feel sorry for my self im just so sad right now i just want go sleep and not wake up and finding it hard to snap out of this depressive world im in at mo. sorry to be so negative ladies but had to get all of this off my chest. x hope everyone is ok x


  • crystal I didn't want to r&r.

    I am so sorry you are going through so much. It's awful when you feel like you have no control.

    Can you approach your mum to make up? Then that would be one less thing. Sorry to hear about your DH's lump. I have my fingers crossed it's nothing serious.

    I hope someone can give you something positive about the PCOS. It's good you have decided to post on here, rather than keeping everything bottled up. Sorry for not being any help. xx
  • (((big squishy hugs))). Dont apologise for pouring your heart out, we are all here to listen and offer support when its needed.

    Im sorry to hear of your sad loss. Its a horrible thing to go thru. You have every right to think of your angel, there is no set time to grieve.

    As for your oh, please try not to worry. Im sure he is fine, but make sure he gets it checked by his gp (I know you will anyway!). Its always best to make sure.

    As for the metformin, give it a bit of time to work hun. I dont know much about pcos, but at least you are on the right track to getting it under control.

    Chin up hunny, your time will come again, and things will start to pick up.

    Take care xxxx

  • aww thanks you always cheer me up. im so worried to talk to the doctor as iv suffered from extream depression in past and worried this go against me when i do get pregnant. i have bit of history when it comes to depression. hope i do find that light hun. thanks for your positive message hun you say the right words every time im so gratful. hows your pregnancy going hun how many weeks are you. x x
  • aww thank you so much ladies i know i can always rely on you girls to cheer me up and your positive words really do help i dont have many female friends i can talk to so its lovely coming on here and be able to chat with people who offer such positive words
  • aww thanks hun your right i must see doctor and try and sort something out. omg 13weeks already wow time flys aww bet your so excited. befor ya know were you are little buba be here im so pleased hun. iv heard sickness bands are supposed be good hun. hope mini me stops being lazy and hurrys up hehe. x
  • Hi Crystal, I know exactly what it's like to have pcos me and my hubby were trying for a baby for 3 years until they diagnosed me with pcos. They put me in metformin too for 6 months and still nothing happened, I was so down I thought I was never going to have a baby and seemed that everyone woman I saw in the street was pregnant! The docs then put me on chlomide and I had to go every month for a scan to see how many folicles i'd got, after taking it once I went for my routine scan and was told there was only one there and they couldn't guarantee there'd be any eggs inside, I felt truly deflated! They told me to up my dose for the next month. But I never had the chance as I was pregnant, so there must of been something inside that folicle!! I guess what i'm trying to say is don't give up, it will happen!! I know it's easier said than done but keep positive! On the depression side I can't really give too much advice coz i've never suffered, however i've seen what it's done to my mum and I really feel for you!

    Trying asking the docs about the poss about going on the Chlomide, it;s good stuff!!

    Im here if you want to chat about the pcos.

    Ceri xx
  • ceri thank you so much thats really made me feel positive about my situation. did your gyna or doctor prescribe you with cholmid? iv been trying since 06 with 3mmc. i did ask gyna for clomid but he said no see if met works and iv heard so much good stuff about clomid and wondering weather to go doctors and see if he will prescribe me with them cos just cant wait no longer and i know what you mean about every where you look theres pregnant women its like im the only female in world with out a bump silly i know. x x have you had your baby hun.
  • You poor thing your post has made me cry! to lose all those babies, I can't imagaine what you have been through. I really think you should go and see a doctor maybe get some councelling. I am not surprised you feel the way you do with all you have been through. Let us know how your oh gets on, most lumps there are benign so I am sure it is nothing but if not at least he is getting help.

    I really hope you get some of the good luck you so disearve hun xx
  • My gyna said that I had to lose weight on the met before he would give me anything else, but after a couple of months I was losing weight but not much. I went for one of my scans at the hospital and the nurses there said they would speak to my gyna about the poss of going on chlomide, he said yes to it. Not sure if the docs will prescribe if you're under the gyna. What about speaking to your gyna and telling him you're feeling down and that you don't think that just met is right for you. Try and relax I know thats not easy when you want something so much and when people said that to me I felt like punching them in the face!

    My lo is 8 months now and has a right little attitude!! I think he gets it from his dad! Lol!

    Keep your chin up hun, and if you got anymore q's or just wanna chat then im here for you!!

    Ceri xx
  • aww thank you socks and ceri and hope were all blessed with little ones i really do. and im so happy for you ceri and cant wait to have little one bet last 8months have flown by. x x how things going with ttc hun socks x
  • Big hugs crystal. sorry to hear you are having a crappy time.We are always here xx
  • hi babe, hope you dont feel down much longer, they do say that after a bad time theres always a brilliant time to follow so just look forward to the good things about to happen in your life now!!!! im so sorry about how u feel i feel the same way everyitme i log on- its 123 days till my baby angel would have been due today- and that always makes me feel sad.....but we have to keep our chins up! its great to get it off your chest tho and thats why were all here to give u the support u need. You can email me whenever u want to chat hun, hope u feel better soon and hope your dh is ok, just get it checked out! hugs and kisses from spain xxx
    amandaxxx :\)
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