I'm testing tomorrow - wish me luck!

Hi Ladies,

Some of you may have been following my posts in the 'how are my fellow 2ww'ers doing' thread.

I am 13DPO today and am going to test in the morning. I am so excited but soooo nervous at the same time. I've got a very bloated tummy, which is rock solid and has been since about 7 DPO, boobies are hurting and feel heavy. Have had mild AF type cramps the last couple of mornings but these haven't lasted long.

Feel up and down emotionally and just burst into tears doing the ironing thinking about testing in the morning!

Had a dip temp wise on 11DPO so not sure whether that was implantation. Here's my FF chart in case yu want a nosey.


Send me lots of babydust girls please

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