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Damn AF on its way !! I was so sure we'd done it !!

Well I think this month is another unsuccessful month ! I was convinced we'd done it this month but then went to the loo yesterday (tmi) and found a few spots of blood. My AF is due on today and i've got a funny feeling in my tummy so i'm pretty sure she'll be in full flow before long !!

I feel so bummed my PMA has definantly deserted me !! :cry:

My poor hubby thought he'd try to cheer me up and buy me the Nintendo DS i'd been wanting for ages (i know i'm a child !) but we cant find it in stock anywhere !!!!! Which I know sounds silly but made me feel even more blue because poor hubby was trying to be so sweet but no success. Of course its the thought that counts so i think he's adorable !!

Well I guess we'll be back to lots of bding in a week or so !!!!


  • sorry to hear that mrs weir. Was convinced i'd got a sticky one this month too. Only sticky i have now is af. Feeling frustrated and its now start of month 4 for me, still early compared to some but... Good luck & babydust. Filo x
  • oh thats pants. and my oh is a manager of a games shop so i will say soz on his behalf for you not being cheered up!!!!

    here's to next month ey...
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