Withdrawal from pill. Your symptoms??

This might end up longer than I intend, but here goes!

I came off the pill end of March, I had my withdrawal bleed as usual, and I have had one normal bleed 30 days later. In that first month I didn't notice any particular withdrawal symptoms. I think I'm more obbsessed with ttc now, so I might be analysing everything a lot more!

Basically I have had a lot of feedback from you wonderful ladies on this site, saying the symptoms I have are good for possible pg. However I am more aware than I was, that early pg signs and pill withdrawal symptoms can be similar.

So I would like anyone to let me know if they experienced the same symptoms...which turned out to be withdrawal. I'm due af on Sunday/Monday. I don't want her to turn up obviously. But tested earlier this week and was bfn, hoping it was just too early!

I have had in my 2ww...backache, bloating, trapped wind (sorry), dizzy spells, sharp pain on right side (side of ov), stitch like pain on right side - which did swap to left for a while, and af type cramps. Currently still have a sharp pain in right side, I'm now 11dpo.

Sorry this went on, any input will be appreciated. I really don't want to do another test, and may just wait for af!

Thanks, Leigh xx


  • Hi Leigh,
    When i came off the pill in Sept i had all the preg symptons under the sun, nausea, sore bb, dizzy spells, sharp pains, bloated and cramps.
    AF never showed up but she still hasn't 9 months later so either i'm gonna give birth in the next day or two or i just have a very messed up body (the latter is def the reason!) (i have had one light one in 9 months).
    Your signs do all sound like pg symptons or af symptons, hope it is the first one for you and the BFN was just to early.
    Good luck with the testing and fingers crossed for you.
  • Thank you SLOW. I hope your hospital appointments etc. have helped you.
    I'm just so frustrated at having a normal af, and then all these things turn up the second month! xx
  • Lets just hope it a BFP then, it could be, it aint over until the WITCH arrives.
  • I know, but I'm so worried she will turn up. She really is a witch! Thanks for your replies. xx
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