symptom spotting....naughty

hiya everyone, yes i know im being naughty and symptom spotting as usul! im only 3DPO and i have sore nipples.... just wondering can u feel preg symptoms this early? possibly b4 implantation? or is it a symptom of OV? theyve been hurting for 1 day now constant. maybe its just what my body wants to feel so is feeling it? any advice would be great!?

*slaps rist for symptom spotting* even tho i promised myself i wouldnt!

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  • Naughty you :P

    Not sure if it might just be OV symptoms as I thought we could only get symptoms once the egg implants, but you never know. Fingers crossed for you!
    All the milky discharge has pretty much stopped I think and i didnt want to squeeze really hard to see. Sore boobs has eased off, but they look fuller and sometimes my nipples have felt sore.
    Its mostly the CM im keeping my eye on, In my knickers this morning i only had a little, it was creamy with yellow tint and looked globby, then this arvo it was creamy/white and stretchy.
    CM never seems to stay the same all day, keeps changing morning and evening.

    *Baby Dust*

  • Fingers crossed for you *me*

  • fingers crossed for you. i cant believe how easy symptom spotting becomes. we started ttc earlier this month, af due on sunday and all i have done is symptom spot since ov. i didnt think the 2 ww would bother me but..... my god it has x
  • hehehe so excited me too! thanks girls, im thinkin it may be because of OV, but secretly hoping its something else, altho i did think the same as you MPP, i thought u could only start getting symptoms after implantation.... and your symptoms sound good hun, godd luck for testing! xxxxx
  • we werent going to try till later in year, but decided to bring it forward. i cant believe how stressful it is and how every twinge you wonder.... lol. im so glad i joined this site otherwise would drive hubby mad x
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