The urge is bad even though i know AF is coming!!! Help!!!

I am on CD29 (cycles normally 28-32!) got a positive on OV stick on CD18 so i am around 10 days past OV i think roughly!?

i am spotty, headache and had a little spotting friday so i KNOW AF is on her way so why do have this urge to POAS!?!?!!?!?!??!!??!

After last moths possible chemical positve (tested and got a faint line then AF arrived on CD34!) i am trying not to POAS as it just hurt too much last month.

i dont even know why i am typing this as i know i shouldnt POAS and just wait for AF to arrive which i know will happen in the next few days but just had to get it out of my system!!!


  • The urge to test is such a strong one isn't it? I just caved and tested this morning at 10/11dpo even though I *know* it's probably too early to show up, because I suddenly got a load of what I thought were "symptoms" yesterday after being entirely symptomless until that point and convinced I was out of the game. Of course it was BFN :roll:

    I was just saying on another thread that I do feel better for having tested as I think I am someone who just likes to 'know' things, even if it's bad news... Although I guess with such an early test you don't *really* know as it might be a false negative. And it is a very good point you make about your chemical (I'm really sorry to hear that by the way) - I can only imagine but it must be so hard for AF to come after seeing a line.

    Good luck holding out - I hope you have more willpower than me (and I really hope your AF doesn't appear at all!) xxx

  • Its even worse this morning because i did test after all!!!!! Ops!!! And there is a faint line! Just like last month so i am now scared and trying not to get excited because i know what can happen.

    Sorry to hear its a BFN butlike you say itsearly days yet!?
  • Oh trying, I will watch out for an update. I hope this is your BFP chick!!! x x x x *whispers* congrats!
  • Just did a superdrug test and that was a BFN? So now really confused, is the Fr the best one to use?xx
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