Im on day 44 of my cycle now - getting V annoyed!

Hey Guys

You may remember from my earlier posts that I havent had a AF since 27th Oct, have tested 4 times now and all Neg.

What the frig is going on?! :cry:

I really wish everytime I take a test it is Pos but nothing.

Could I be pregnant but just not getting HCG?!

Anyone else suffered from long cycles?!


  • hi ellleblue I completely sympathise. i came off the pill in april and my cycles have been long and irregular (cd135, cd50, now on cd 34ish?)

    are you're cycles normally regular? If so, i'm not sure what to suggest. if they are not normally regular or you have just stopped the pill it might be worth temping your Basal Body Temperatures - doing that has helped me make some sense of what my body is doing. Some other girls recommend agnus castus to shorten long cycles but i don't know alot about it.

    sorry you're stuck in limbo - hopefully you're BFP will be just round the corner.

    lb x
  • Hey Elleblue,

    Have you just come off the pill? If so that will explain it.

    Like littleb - I too came off the pill in April and have cycles ranging from 35 to 45 days. It's very frustrating. I bought a CBFM which really helps and pin points my ovulation, then I know how long my cycle will be as AF is due approx 14 days afterwards. It's working for me so far although I'm still waiting for that BFP.

    I hope your BFP arrives soon. xx
  • Long and irregular cycles - that's me! Today is CD127 and all BFNs. I hope you don't have to wait as long as me! xx

  • I totally sympathise- like Mrs Robson my cycles are stupidly long, curently on cd 108... I didn't know this was possible before ttc. No ovulation either (2 blood tests have confirmed this), just a vacuum of nothingness!

    Sorry, that doesn't help you at all but at least you know you're not alone x
  • Hi girls

    My cycles after coming off the pill were 34, 55, 89, 81, 51, 36, 41 and then on the 8th cycle BFP on day 34!! I know how incredibly frustrating long cycles are but just wanted to give you hope that you will get there in the end!! I found charting my temp was brill as made me feel a little bit more in control as at least I knew when I FINALLY ov'd and so when to expect AF.

    Good luck to you all

    CJ x
  • hi ladies,
    can totally sympathise with you. came off the pill mid january and cycles since have been 69, 64 ,54, 48, 38, 38 so it looks like i am going to settle somewhere around 38days which is still too long for my liking! didnt realise things would take so long but actually the more time goes on the more chilled out i am becoming! your body will find its natural rhythm eventually, i think our hormones just dont know what to do by themselves when we come off the pill sometimes!
    baby dust to all xxx
  • my cycles seem to be averaging at 42 days at the mo - a few months ago i was reeally pleased because they seemed to go down to 28 days for 2 cycles - the i was uber excited when the next was long and no sign of af but sadly they've just gone back to 42 days.

    hopefully this is not the case for you and this is the bfp coming

    good luck

  • Its nice to know I am not alone then!! I took my last pill on Sept 16th and STILL no sign of AF - Am going to the hospital to have a scan to make sure there is nothing too amiss cause getting really fed up of waiting now - Just kick mysef that I didnt come off the pill sooner!!! GRRRRR!!
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