So I've just done a test and

Tested with fmu on an asda own and at first nothing came up image
but then I kept staring and I thought my eyes were joking but I could see a very faint pink second line!
Ran down to Hubby who was just about to leave for work and asked him to look,
he said he could see it too!
I kept looking at it and it got darker, it's not as dark as control line but it's definately there!
Can't stop looking at it, have tried to photograph it so you ladies can give your opinions but it won't show up image
am going to buy some more asda tests and do it again tomorrow morning to see if it really is there or if it's just a cruel trick!
I'm not saying those 3 little letters just yet as still don't believe it!



  • xx

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  • thats brilliant! a line is a line, i tested at 11dpo and the second was so faint my oh said he couldnt see it but the following day is was a bit darker! so i say congratulations!

    ashy x
  • How do I get my photo to work?? Xx


    Hope this works
  • Here it is and yes I see a line

    I would recommend removing the link up above as it takes you to all your pics hun xxx

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  • Ah baby love you rock!!!!
    Will have to get my laptop to remove the link stupid iPhone won't do it!
    Ahhhh so you can see it??? Really, really??
  • *Nods* I can see it Mrs Waggy! *Whispers congratulations*
  • he he ah chick i can see it even on my phone! I would say. . You have only gone and bloody+done it lol x X congratulation to you x X Will look when get to work. Wow you lucky lady! Well done x X X X
  • oh my goodness really? oh i cant beleive it, i feel like crying!
    im really crampy today but i know thats a good thing so im not panicking
    really wish it was tomorrow so i can test again, i wont believe it until its a proper dark pink line.
  • ohhh congratulations sounds very promising!! i can see it aswell!!!! xxxx
  • relax lol if you can do another test. . I would but+im a poas aholic Ha ha.
    Sometimes i think cos maybe we try so hard when it happens we don't believe but its bound to happen if we bd at right times! Just matter of when x Im sure this is it for you x X X fingers crossed.
  • Congratulations Mrs Waggy! Wooooohoooo!
  • hubby has made me promise not to do another test until tomorrow.
    im just going to forget about it today (yeah right who am i kidding?)
  • thanks girls! im not celebrating just yet lol

    ellie's mummy im waiting for you next!!! xxxx
  • Yes its definately a line hun. Can't wait to chat over in DIA ;\)

    Congratulations hun xxx
  • ahhhh i hope so hun how many dpo are you today hun??? im about 8 today had lots of creamy cm this morn 1st thing then nothing just now!? i really hope it is! xxxx

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  • Im not really sure! I got my +ve opk on Sunday 25th so I presumed I would ovulate on Monday or Tuesday so that would make me 10 or 11 dpo
    I don't chart my temps so I can't say for sure I'm just guessing!
    I've been quite crampy, back ache, sharp pains in my sides and the past 2 days I've been feeling as if af is about to start

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you ellie's mummy & everyone else testing soon! Xxx
  • really hope so but got absolutely 0 pma today again dont know whats wrong with me!!! i got my + on the thurs so about 8 dpo gunna temp next month then i can definitely pinpoint how many dpo i am! as its my 1st month of pill and the luteal phase is normally 14 i am due af about 12th ish ! i hate this wait!
  • that is a line, ooooh congratulations image xx
  • thanks mrs a! I'm trying not to get my hopes up until I test again tomorrow, if I can last that long! Xx
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