Yukky question ...

about periods.

Im new to all this and dont know when I should be counting my first cycle date, is it when you get your period full on, or if like me you get a pinkish discharge for a few days before.

Sorry but I am confused xx


  • hiya paddington bear, i normally get spotting 1 or 2 days b4, i count cd1, as the day i get actual red blood, rather than just pink or brown spotting, or once it gets more than spotting. i hope that makes sense? lol good luck! xxxxxx
  • Yes as *me* said, u count CD1 when full flow of AF arrives not when spotting.
  • Thanks girls, this trying for a baby can get so complicated!!
  • It can get complicated - I'm confused and puzzled bu it!
    I was advised to count the first day of spotting as day one. I'm just trying to tune in to my body though and judge by the CM etc... xx
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