Anyone with long cycles?

Hi ladies, i'm on cd19 now with no peak on cbfm yet. I got a bfp in April (ended in mc) but i found out 7 weeks after my LMP (cd48) by chance, but was testing upto cd35 before giving up. It seems i obviously ov'd late in this cycle but still caught.

Post mc AF came cd34 so thought my cycles must have been a little better, but now i'm cd19 and i have no symptoms or nothing? If i ov late will i be able to see my gp? When i first came off the pill i had a 28 day cycle so they seem to be quite irregular. Is there anything i can take or anything my gp can do?



  • Hi there,

    Agnus Cactus is very good at regulating your cycle and many women swear by it.
    But you are recomended to take it 3 months solidly without TTC and then when you TTC you can oonly taek it up the day you ovulate (or not at all to be safe) as it can cause implantation issues.

    I bought some but we need to ttc quickly so in the end I used Starflower which helped a lot to settle my hormones down.

    Other good supplements for regulating the cycle are B6, magnesium and vitamin E. But if you want to take one I would suggest the agnus cactus if you can wait or the starflower or AC in the first 12-14 days of your cycle.

    I hope things settle down soon hon xx
  • I can't wait image So Agnus Castus can only be used upto ov and not after?

    I was recommended a vitamin b-complex by another lady on here but i googled it and that said it's more for the lp than ov?

    I've brought some pregnacare vitamins today as they contain lots of vitamins. So frustrating!

    Thanks for the advice hun
  • I am taking pregnacare at the moment and its helped me feel more settled.

    In some ways the worry probably doesn't help but I know its easier said than done to 'be relaxed' about it all.

    I hope the pregnacare works out for you xxx
  • i used the b6 complex and angus castus together,the AC is not to be used on preganant woman which is why they say up to ov

    really should start again as i have cycles from 29 days to 45 and never know what month and type of cycle i will have x
  • Pregnacare has b6 in it, that's why i brought it really. I may have to invest in some AC if things don't crack on!

    Thanks for the advice ladies
  • i have long cycles but have been taking evening primrose oil to regulate cycle. It has reduced my cycle to about 33 days and on the onth i didnt take it, had a long cycle again! But you should only take it up to ov so you need to tracy your cycles xx
  • HI reflexology worked for me. After 2 sessions my cycles were back from 49 days to 28/29 and have staryed that way. I enjoy it so much that I still go once a month. The reflexlogist says its best to go anytime frrom daycs 1-6 of your cycle.
    x hope this helps
  • Actually Samsa, i've just thought, i usually take evening primrose oil to calm AF and i stopped taking it after my first month off the pill because i weren't sure if it was safe! I had a 28 day cycle that month!

    According to cbfm i still haven't ov'd so do you think i'll be ok to take it tonight? Or will it make no difference this late in my cycle? I'm cd20.

    Is reflexology expensive?
  • Hi
    I think the starflower and EPO will have a similar effect. I unfortunately have to stay away from EPO though as it is oestrognic and conflicts with a condition I have.
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