Not sure what to think?

I thought after finishing period that cm dries up? But today (1st day no blood) I have some cm and feeling rather wet. Also my af was very unexpected last thurs night as I hadnt experienced any cramps at all like I normally get the day before and leading up to and very severe on the first day but this time I got a few twinges on day 1 bt nothing to write home about. And I thought I was tired because had late night saturday (didnt get to bed until 5.30 am) and ordeal yesterday but I've had naps to make up for it and gone to bed early. Im still very tired and earlier I took the dog to garden which involves walking down the stairs and back again and I was almost out of breathe and exhausted. Not only that I have been getting headaches every day for ages now and paracetemol doesnt really help. Sorry one more thing I had achy bbs leading up to af but that hasnt stopped and I never get achy bbs with af.

I know you're all going to say TEST TEST TEST but I really dont want to as Im prob reading too much into it. I havent thought about it at all apart fom today when Ive put all these symptoms together and the fact that I know you can bleed when pg xxxxxxx
Just your thoughts would be much appreciated


  • my mum didn't know she was pregnant with my little sister till she was nearly 20 weeks as she still had periods, so i'd TEST TEST TEST
  • Hi fiona86m i'd be very curious and test test test but then maybe wait a day or two for you to get over your ordeal and then see how you feel. Good luck hun Sxx
  • ohhh honey, I think you should test just to put your mind to rest but I also think that the stress you went through could be making things a little strange too as our bodies react to it in very different ways.

    try not to worry about it and relax - I know easier said than done though :roll:

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