Giving Blood?

Hey everyone

Does anyone know if we're ok to give blood if we're TTC? I'm not taking any supplements to help with TTC, only folic acid (when I remember!!!).

Thanks, Julie


  • I think its ok hun xx
  • Thanks debbiemc!

    How are you??? Have you started your 2ww again yet?

    I think I'm starting today - not sure, but I think I ovulated yesterday, I had EWCM on Monday, none yesterday, but a little bit this morning!!!

  • i've decided not to hun cos i'm worried it may upset the "balance" if you know what i mean. This is only my opinion, not based on any medical facts.
    But i always feels good after doing it so maybe i should... max xxx
  • Hi mrs joo, im fine thanks! I ve not started 2ww yet, im waiting to start clearblue digi ov sticks on cd17, i think i ov about cd20 thats why weve been missing it! Im on cd14 so not long to go. Good luck and lots of babydust for your 2ww. xxx
  • I'm on CD15 now - you're cycles are a tad longer than mine aren't they (I remember now!). Good luck, let me know how the digi sticks go - we're trying those next month if we've not done it this month!

    Thanks maxi - I might book an appointment but nip down first thing and see what they say. Its a mobile unit at our office so I might be able to catch them before they get started!!!

  • I think you deserve you bfp after doing such a good thing! xx
  • I gave blood about three weeks ago. Don't think it has done any harm. If anything I think it will do my body good to produce a bit of fresh blood. When you get PG surely the quality of your blood maybe better. Or am I just living in a fantasy world.

    Anyway it wasn't a problem for me and I think vitamin tablets don't make a difference.
  • aaaw thanks debbiemc! You deserve yours too after saying such a nice thing to me! LOL

    Thanks vixs - I'd love to be able too as its been months since I last donated (was on honeymoon the last time the van was here!)

  • Thanks hun! So weve decided then, me and you will both get our bfps this mth! xx
  • Defo!!! Its only fair right?
  • Yes i totally agree! lol. xx
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