Another Christmas BFP!!! :lol:

Ok, I tested twice last week and got BFN's, AF was due on Monday and it hasn't turned up!!

I tested yesterday at about 4.30 with the superdrug test and got the faintest 2nd line, you had to squint to see it so i wasn't convinced it was actually there. :roll:

Anyway, I tested again this morning, just after 7.30 with my first wee of the day and i've got another faint line. It's darker than yesterday and came through a lot quicker!! image So I would say that i've got my BFP!!! :lol: My EDD is 29th August 2010 image

I'm so happy, but at the same time i'm terrified!! As a lot of you may know my last pregnancy ended in September at 27 weeks, when my son Ewan was stillborn. So although this is wonderful, it's going to be a rollercoaster 9 months!!

I hope everyone else gets there BFP's soon, I feel a bit guilty as we've technically only been trying for 3 months to get this BFP, but it's been nearly a 3 year wait to hold a baby, just 8 more months to go!!


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