U are my witnesses!!!

I will NOT poas for 6wks..i dont know when my af is due, but it was 35 days b4 my mc so figured another wk on top of that should be ok....now someone please go find me some restrainst please! Heres my pink cup and all my pg tests (yes i still have some...) go hide them til the 30th june please! kim xxxxxxxxx image


  • Hi Kim,
    Repeat after me " I will not poas, i will not poas, i will not poas until 30th June". You'll have to get a hobby to take your mind off it! Good luck with finding the restraint!
  • Good luck Kim!As I have put back on the stone I managed before ttc(now 4 stone overweight!!!)I am considering saying that for as long as you dont poas I will not snack as this is my major downfall! I'll think about it over the evening-dont want to be too rash!!!!
    Helen xx
  • good luck hun!!

    i'm still trying to tell myself to wait a cycle before even starting ttc!!!!!!!!

    let's club together our willpower and fight whatever urges we are trying to avoid image

  • It might help!!(although I am such a pig!!)xx
  • We should set up a new thread, where we can hide when the urge takes us!!!
  • i like that idea! i'm going to need all the help i can get.
  • So what do we call it- addicted to poas, ttc and food-help?
  • sounds like a good title to me image
  • Hi girlies, can I join this club too? I am so determined to wait until my next af to try again after mc a couple of weeks ago. I'm ovulating this weekend and for some unknown reason we bd'd unprotected yesterday, DOH! Hopefully af will come in a couple of weeks so I can ttc guilt-free, but I'm really worried now! Why is ttc so damn compulsive??!!
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