Ah Poo!

just found out an old friend of mine is 22 weeks pregnant with twins. Not planned.

So so so happy for her, she loves kids and always wanted them, but its just not fair. :\(
Had planned on going down to see her in Oct, so will really enjoy seeing new babies, but I really hope I'm up the duff again by then! Or i might just have to go grab one of the locals as theres loads of em prg there! :lol:



  • Twins- eeek!

    maybe u could just pinch one of hers?! i mean come on 2 at a time thats just greedy she should share!!!
  • :lol: @ lilac*

    theres a thought! You think she'd notice one wasnt there? I could swap Ollie for them - then she wouldnt have to go through all the sleepless nights, mustard poos, screaming for feeds...... could be doing her a favour? :lol: :lol:
    (am only joking, wouldnt swap Ollie!)

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