For those who wanted to know - It was a BFN....

........onto CD40 (1 week 2moz)! I had a feeling it would be this though girls!! I am going to wait until CD40 as that was when I got my last AF!! If not then onto mth3!!


  • Sorry to hear that immense, although as AF hasnt arrived yet there is a still a chance... x
  • Hi hun. I wanted to know!

    At least you have another chance! Let's hope if bfn next week, the witch doesn't keep you waiting longer!! Fingers still crossed for a bfp though!! xx
  • Ohhh hun im so sorry,even if you expect a bfn its still horrible to see 1. Lets hope that you tested too soon, fingers crossed for you hun xxxx
  • thank you guys - debbiemc I may have tested too soon? My last cycle was 40 days but had OV pains around CD16 this month - hence why I tested now!! But I did get more pains about a week ago - so it may not have been OV 1st time round! hence why I am now waiting til CD40!!

    I agree mithical - if BFN next week then I hope AF doesn't stay away too long!! It would be nice to have regular cycles!!
  • Fingers crossed for the next 8 days!!!xx
  • Thanks hjanea! xx
  • Oh babe keep your chin up as like you said it could just be too early you know image

    K xx
  • I'm in the same boat - I'm CD31 now, tested this am and BFN. Again. Gonna see if AF doesn't show her face then I'm going to test next weekend, CD38/9. image
  • Let's hope next weekend is good for both of us gemsie24! xx
  • Hi immense. Just managed to get on cos work has been chaotic!! Sorry to hear it was a BFN. I have been thinking about you all morning and hoping for a BFP for you. God damn! It's so unfair!!

    Anyway, here's hoping you tested too early and you get a BFP next week or, as Mithical said, let's hope AF doesn't keep you hanging about.

    Have a good weekend poppet!!


  • Hi Immense, I am sorry to hear that but you do still have a chance, I hope AF does not arrive for you and that you have just tested too early x
  • sorry to hear that hun. it isn't over yet though image

    good luck xxxx
  • sory to hear that honey, but like the others said, it's not over till af show!
    i'm in the same situation, i'm on cd34 and no af, last cycle was 50 days so it could just be to early, i really just need to listen to my own advice and be patient!!!
  • Like the others said - it may be too soon to test. Finger's crossed you'll get your bfp soon. Even if AF shows up at least you'll be able to start the baby dancing again. It could be worse - if we had to get pregnant by trapping our fingers in the car door, that would be awful to have to do again and again - at least baby dancing is fun eh!

    I'm sending lots of babydust and pma your way

  • poppygirl - love it!! I would definitely rather do the BD way - and my OH loves it!! lol!!

    danipink - I am sending lots of babydust and PMA to pray that we just tested too soon! lol!! xx

    thanks everyone - I will update you next weekend! I really do hope though that if it is BFN at that point then AF doesn't hang around so i can get onto next month!
  • Oh no! Fingers well and truly crosse that its just too ealy just yet hunny! Good luck and sending buckets of babydust!!! xxx


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