Reaching a milestone

I'm in the 100's!!!!! Woohoo its bloody fantastic! i'm expecting a letter any day now from the Queen who is bound to want to join in my celebrations!!!!!!

I'm so over the moon to have reached such an important day in my menstrual life i would like to thank good old aunt flo for completely misunderstanding me when i asked her to stay away for 9 months -the complete idiot!!!!

I would also like to thank all HPT manufactures for the consistant "dodgy batches" that they keep producing and i keep buying but i will stay loyal and continue to buy in the hope of finding the one with the 2nd line- the good batch!!!

So hears to me reaching the 100's!!!! Fan-bloody-tastic or not as the case seems to be!!!!!!!!!


  • ahh Lilac, that must feel sh*t!
    Im glad you havent lost your sense of humor though!!!
  • always good to keep a sense of humour you have to though for your own sanity xx
  • Oh lilac, you poor thing! I like your thank you speech though... lol! Have you been to the Drs yet?

  • Thank you all! as u can see i'm feeling a bit sarcastic today??!!!

    I'm actually feeling not to bad about it still i mean who likes periods really?! Not me hate them!!
    Keeping up the PMA and still symptom spotting too..

    MrsS- yep got my 1st gyne appointment on the 15th!! woohooo 1 week today!!!

  • Aw hunny, your post made me giggle but it must be so frustrating for you wondering what on earth is going on with your body!!

    Only a week to go and you should hopefully get some answers.

    It's good to see you're keeping your spirits up xxx
  • hey Lilac
    bummer that you've reached the 100 day mark. I'm on 109 today so I know how you're feeling. At least you've got your gynae appointment so it's moving forward, I've just been given the brush off from my doc. Let us know how you get on next week
  • Moomin my fellow hundreder!!!!! How the devil r u?

    U must go back and kick up a further fuss honey!!! Demand that they at least do some bloods!!! Fingers crossed aunt flo grants us with her presence or the gooseberry bush is hiding our beans!!!
  • I've been searching the gooseberry bush but there are no beans round my way. Looking out for the stork too but he must have gone on holiday with Aunt Flow!

    how am i? honestly? Depressed! Crying most days, fed up, pi55ed off... sorry not much PMA here!

    yeah I've been thinking of going back to the doc - i might call the nhs direct line to see what their stance is on it.

  • Good luck with your appointment Lilac*. xx
  • Here's hoping she turns up soon - or even better you're pregnant!

  • Oh moomin honey i'm sorry your feeling so down i know its frustrating and i have days too when i just want to cry especially with pratically every female around me pg! But we have to stay strong *hands over spare PMA*

    Try ringing NHS or even try just going back to a different doctor. xxxx
  • LOL oh your post did make me laugh LOL

    I am so sorry you guys have reach 100 and over, I am not sure how i would feel if that happened to me? What is going on - have you both seen the doctor yet or do you have to wait a little longer to see a doctor about it?

    K xx
  • Hi Guys! Think I may be joining you in the future on cd69 today- hooray! only 31 to go!
  • Thanks for the spare PMA Lilac, I won't take too much as I'm sure your supply is running thin! Mini, as much fun as it is being a 'hundreder' I'd rather be part of the other club!!!

    K-lou, Doctor just told me it can take up to 2 years after the pill to get back to normal (2 years!!! I nearly passed out!), and i could go back in 4-5 months if it hasn't sorted out by then (I am erring with 4 months and that makes it 10 October!). But I'm going to ring NHS at lunchtime and see what they say. Will let you know how it goes. xxxxx
  • lilac* and moomin im so sorry that you guys have reached this horrid CD, lots of PMA to the both of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx let us know the outcome girls xxxxxxxxx
  • Good luck on the 15th lilac, really hope they can sort things out for you. It must be sooo bloody frustrating!

    moomin, I cant believe your doc is making you wait 2yrs! Thats rediculous! Def go back and kick up a fuss, or get a second opinion. That seems waaaay too long to leave things!

    Good luck to you both (you too mini). I hope you get to join a better club v. soon xxx
  • i know how you're feeling lilac, i had 1 100day milestone, nearly hit 200 hundred then got an af now nearly up to 100 again. We should have a party to celebrate (or not). i'll bring the beers and chocolate!! Hold on in the hun and good luck at your gynea appointmnet.
  • Hey SLOW, I'll get the banners and balloons, who's in charge of music?

    Seriously though, nearly 200! Jeez! Sorry that you're nearly up to 100 again.
  • Its ok at least i know whats wrong now, just waiting for docs to give me some pills, hopefully tomorrow. I think lilac should bring the music, something lively to cheer us up, dancing might encourage af to make an appearance!! lol
  • *jumps up and down*

    Me, me i'll do music...possible songs....hhhmmmmm
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