Advice about Diet Coke etc

Ok - Completely random sounding I know - but I think it might be important.
Im getting to the stage now where I want to start REALLY thinking about what Im eating drinkin etc. So Im goin to list good things I do and bad things I do (other people could do this in a thread aswell (?!?)

I take multi vitamins/minerals and folic acid every day
I try my best to eat 5 fruit/veg a day
I sort of stopped drinkin alcohol for the sake of it. And I dont get drunk anymore when I do drink.
I do excersise of some sort every day

I drink about 5 cans of diet coke a day - Im completely addicted. Do you guys think I shoudl stop drinking all this diet coke because of the caffeine??
I have a cup of coffee on a morning before work
I dont take any other supplements (my oh is a pharmacist and he insists I dont need to take anything else - guess he knows best) But I want to do anything that might even give us that little bit of extra help.

Well I cant think of anything else at the moment - but the real reason I started this was the diet coke thing - trouble is I LOVE the stuff - sounds wierd I know!!

What does everyone think?? lol :lol:


  • i know that research suggests that large amounts of caffeine when ttc are a no no. Think the upper limit is 6 cans a day diet or not(with your coffee you exceed that level prob).
    Maybe try and alternate with the caffeine free version and then to just have couple a day.
    Fingers crossed this helps. Babydust
    Filo x
  • i should listen to this aswell as i can get through anything up to 2litres of diet coke a day!
  • Don't think its just the caffine that is bad for you with Diet drinks the aspartamine (sp?) that they use to sweeten it is bad for pg because i think (don't quote me on this) but it can lead to miscarriage is consumed in excess. Read this somewhere on tinternet.

    I try to eat lots of fruit and veg a day and am very active at work i also horse ride about 4 times a week. I have switched to wholegrain everything and tried to substiture sweet potatoes for some normal potatoes. I've stopped alchol completely mostly because i can't drink whilst on Metfromin.

  • I know its bad for me - its my only vice... lol

    I dont smoke I dont drink I dont eat much chocolate, so when I look at it like that it doesnt seem that bad........ But I will definately stop drinking it when I start taking clomid. I dont want to risk anything after all these months of trying!!
    Has anybody else given anything up to ttc or changed their diet?
  • hi hun, i've given up caffine completley, don't drink coffee anyway, but have caffine free tea and don't drink coke at all now. My gp advised no more then four cups of coffee a day whilst ttc, not sure what this equals in coke. If i was you i would try to cut down on the coke (however i'm a bit parinoid about things like this now, as have had two mc's). I've also started eating more fruit and veg and just eat a healthier diet
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