Getting a positive on ovulation sticks, advice please...

Hi everyone,

Just after a bit of advice if possible? Started ov testing with first response ov sticks 4 days ago. As far as i know, you are ovulating when the test line is the same or darker than the control one. Well, yesterday i got a much darker line and this morning the line is even darker. What day would you say I ovulated? Also i've heard some of you talking about DPO, would you count today as 1 DPO even tho the ov line was stronger today so maybe only just ov'ing today?? Hmmm, confusing. Any help???

Thanks lovely ladies


  • Hi,

    I used OPK's this month...after you get the line I think you ovulate between 24-48 hours after you see the line!
    Good luck with it all!
  • you wont have ov'd yet but you should ov in the next 18 - 36 hours. just look out for any telltake ov signs. like sharp twinges near your ovaries and ewcm. i got my + on an ov on the sat afternoon and did the deed that night. def ov'd the next morning as i got the twinges and im now 7 weeks pregnant.

    get baby dancing x
  • Hi I would agree with berly, I got my +ve on wed and the next day I had sore twinges and lots of cm so i counted thursday as ovulating and friday as 1dpo.
  • Thanks ladies! Really good to hear other people's experiences. Think i must be ovulating cos had such sharp cramps last night and on and off today. We BD'd last night and think we'll make sure we get busy today at some point! OH won't know whats hit him, hehe. Then maybe again monday or tues. Arghhhh, fingers crossed.
    Thanks again
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