not sure what to think (TMI WARNING)!!

Hi All,
well i haven't posted for a long time as i have been trying to stay chilled about the whole ttc journey, but i have been quietly looking in on you all from the sidelines.

However, the time has now come where i need your views and ideas please ladies, so here goes.

AF has been turning up as normal between 28-30cds, but i was due for AF to show yesterday and all i have had is some light brown discharge (only when wiping, not anything on knickers or pad), prior to this, during the last week i have been loving raw onion (which i cant usually stand) and have gone off garlic (which i usually love), i have also had lots of cm the past week, and the last two days i keep needing a wee.
i am getting very weak cramping but very low down, also my nose has felt very bunged up today.

Usually, i never have any brown discharge before AF, and usually have really strong stomach cramps. i am not usually one for needing the loo every 5 mins. and have hated raw onion but loved garlic for years!! i am very confused, i have done 3 hpts over the last week, and even done one this morning all of which showed a BFN.

Anyone have any ideas, could i be pg but levels not high enough for the test yet?
Has anyone had this then gone on to have a BFP?
i would appreciate any imput!!!!!!!


  • sysmptoms sound good hun, i would say leave it a couple of days and try test again? good luck hun xxx

    p.s do u have sore (.)(.)??? xxxx
  • thanks for the reply!! No, i haven't got sore (.)(.)'s at all, which thinking about it is also different from usual as they usually get slightly tender before AF and havent at all this time!! just hoping it's not all in my head!!!!
  • Hi hun,

    Keep testing every 2-3 days and if af doesnt show go to your docs and ask for a blood test.

    Try not to get worked up, I have and its just not worth it cos your cycles will start to go haywire if your stressed.

    Fingers crossed hun xx
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