1st Appointment at the fertility clinic and signing out xx

Hi Girls

We have been to the hospital today and we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel...

They went through all of our history and looked at our results. My husband had 33% mobility but a high sperm count so they have given him some tablets to help him along the way and will re-test him in 3 months. They have put me on the waiting list to have my tubes checked and make sure all is looking well. The list is about 6 months so we have decided to have a bit of fun and live life to the full and pick it up again once we have these appointments.

So I am signing out for now and I will be back when I am going to allow myself time to think about things.

The good thing is if they find anything we will be on the IVF list but I have driven myself mad over the last 3 years, given my hubby lots of ear ache and its about time I gave him a break.

I really hope you all get your BFP's soon and maybe just maybe I will get mine before I have to be put to sleep and invaded....

Take care you have all been wonderful


Emma xx

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  • Oh honey sorry to see u go but totally understand!! have a fab few months having fun and chilling!!! Hopefully u'll be back with a bfp b4 the invasion!!!
  • the best of luck with everything image it;s great to hear you and your hubby will live life to the full now and just be happy till all this kicks off again.


    k xxxxxxx
  • Hi littlem! Good luck & come back soon.xxx
  • Sorry you are going but pleased you will be making progress. Enjoy your time off the pressure of ttc. Good luck.x
  • You're gonna be missed littlem but i understand. Have lots of fun and you never know, relaxing and taking it easy may bring on the BFP. Good luck hun. Lots of love Sxx
  • Hey hun, sorry to see you go but hope you enjoy the next few months and come back when you're ready xx
  • have loads of fun and c u soon.
  • Thanks girls and when Icome back I hope none of you are in this room and you will have all moved on to a PG forum, if you have pop back and see how we are all doing. Good luck and take care xx
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