1st time ttc - advice needed....

Hi everyone,
I'm coming off the pill this month and have been reading the posts about how long it takes people to get into some sort of pattern with their cycle.
I realise everyones different and for some they are regular straight away, for others AF doesn't call for ages.
So now I'm confused, if we start to ttc straight away when would I know when to test?
I don't want to become obsessed and P'ing OAS in the first month cos AF hasn't arrived when really it's just cos my body hasn't got back to normal but then if I don't test I might have a BFP and not know (I know we'd be very lucky to get a BFP in the first month so that's just wishful thinking) :-/
I know some people advise waiting until you're in a pattern but I can't wait image
Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • Hi ShazziG. I was one of the lucky ones, my first natural af came after 30 days. I would advise testing around 28-30 days, the average for a cycle. Unless before the pill yours were a different length. HTH, and good luck. xx
  • I was very lucky aswell,i was on the pill on and off for 10 yrs when i came off and tried for my 1st baby. We were very lucky and conceived in the 2nd month. We are currently trying for our 2nd baby and i seem to be very over analysing everything this time!! Enjoy yourself and be patient,it doesn't always happen straight away.Good luck.x
  • Hi,

    I'm also in the first month of ttc but have had 2 af so kinda have an idea of my cycle. My friend however didn't wana wait and did a test after 40 days to find she was bfp! I would agree with others and do a test after 28-30 days. Good luck!

    Em J xx
  • Thanks for your replies, mithical I went on the pill quite young to regulate me as AF visited every couple of weeks sometimes but I'd guess my average cycle was 28 - 30 days.
    I think I'm getting a bit carried away with all the excitement, I need to chill out and what will be will be, just hope I'm lucky and return to 'normal' quite quickly, if not I'll be on here under sympton spotting very soon image
  • I'd stick with that time frame to test then, until you know anything different. Good luck. xx
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