Extra pressure to get an April BFP :(

I'm on my fourth cycle trying for baby number two which I know isn't actually a long time but...

In September I had an abnormal smear and last October I had a colposcopy and LLETZ (large loop excision of the transformation zone - they basically use a hot loop of wire to shave off the affected cells) because my cells were graded highly abnormal.

This in itself doesn't affect my fertility (so they say) but I am due another colposcopy next month and if I'm not pregnant they will push ahead with further treatment if I need it.

This would mean another LLETZ and then a month of no sex whilst my cervix heals.

I'm worried the procedure will then not only affect my chances of conceiving (possible scarring to the cervix?) but also my chances of carrying a successful pregnancy.

I will obviously have any treatment necessary to minimise the risks of me developing cervical cancer as I need to be heatlhy for my little boy but I so desperately want another baby, I really hope this is our month.

I don't really know what anyone can say to help but just felt I needed to get it out xx


  • Try not to worry, I have had colposcopys & surgery to treat abnormalities, hopefully the colposcopy will just be a routine check up & you will not need any further treatment. I am now 6 weeks pregnant & hoping for a happy & healthy pregnancy (with a little visit to the colposcopy clinic scheduled during the pregnancy).
  • Thanks ziggy! Congratulations on your pregnancy image

    Do you mind telling me how many colposcopies you've had and what further treatment?

    Did your consultant mention any risks that go with it? x
  • hi my firend has just had the all clear back after abnormal cells showed on her smear..they were grade 3 and originally the said the wld do the LLETZ thing but when she actually went for the procedure they changed their mind and made her have a cone shape cut out of her cervix...she was ever so upset as she was fine about having LLETZ becayuse they were planning ttc and had been told by all medical staff that that wld not effect fertility or carrying a baby, but the cone thing (sorry don't know teh name for it) obv is a different matter she's now 9 weeks pregnant and they are talking about putting a sticth in her cervix to help her carry to term but they might not do it all...anyhoo my point being was that from what she was told is that the LLETZ shldn't effect being able to carry to term at all...hth xx
  • Thanks Wow baby that is really reassuring! Congratulations to your friend too, my cells were graded CIN3 as well so if they're the same this time I'm going to grill my consultant a bit more before I go ahead with any treatment x
  • thanks for posting goonie, ive never had a smear (its bad i know) but your post has pushed me to do it and i booked it this morning image
  • I'm glad it made you make an appt Lisa...even some of my close friends who know whats happened to me still haven't been for theirs...

    I'm 25 so it can happen to anyone and I never in a million years thought my results would be abnormal x
  • Dont worry hun - I have had the loop biopsy too (about a year ago). I went back for a check up and have had 2 NORMAL smears in a row ! (I have had years of abnormal smear tests) ! So it will al lbe OK ! Its all very treatable and I have been told this will not affect my fertility xxxxxx
  • Thanks Stace, you've really made my day! I think I'd already convinced myself the cells will be CIN3 again and you've just proved it all might be totally normal image Fingers crossed! x
  • goonuie my firend was 25 , she turned 26 yesterday, so ur right it does happen to younger women too, i ahd my first smear just after i had austin..4 days befor ei turned 25, the woman said the lab might screen it tho as i wasn't 25 and they get funny about so she said it might have had to go back again in 2 weeks, in which case the gp shldn't have sent me a letter requesting me to go, luckily the did process i and it was normal...i don't know why they haven't lowered the age again yet, it used to be 21didn't it then they out it up to 25 grrr!
  • yeah use to be 21 i really should have a smear test i will do it before i need to get the rest of my tests at the fertility clinic


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