FAO Shrewpin....

Hi shrew
How are you?? Couldn't be bothered to find the old thread that we were messaging on so thought i'd start a new one. Any news? What cd are you on? Did you have a good half term? Hope so.

I went away to Spain, although it wasn't really a holiday as we weren't in the holiday mood.....the weather was pretty crap too....lots of rain, but at least we got away & it was nice to be together. I caught a horrible throat infection while i was away too so just getting over that. Going back into work on Wednesday as didn't feel well enough to go in today. I had to go to the docs today to get a sick certificate & the lady doc asked me how i was after the mmc & i just started crying....i don't think it helped that there was a mother & baby afternoon at the docs surgery so all i saw while i was waiting was babies.

Anyway, hope that all is good with you. Take care. Speak soon. Nat xxx


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  • Hi Nat,

    So pleased to hear from you, I have been thinking about you a lot and wondering how you were getting on. I guessed you were taking a break from baby expert for a while which is understandable. I did keep checking every now and again to see if you had left any posts. To be honset this is the first time I've been on in a while, I think it does you good sometimes.
    No news here I'm afraid, I got my af last month although my cycle was back down to 31 days instead of 40 like it was post mc. Saturday and today I have had my peaks (day 14 and 15 even earlier than last month which was day 16 and 17!!!!) Very good cos oh was at home, so we have been making the most of it, if you know what I mean. So once again it's the 2ww for me! I always hate those 2 weeks I find my pma drains away bit by bit each day. But I'm trying not to get too down when af arrives, as I'm sure it'll be our turn soon.
    I was so sorry when you let me know about your mmc, I knew exactly how you must be feeling and I felt awful for you, I did reply to your post but wasn't sure if you would have read it. So how are you feling now? Are things getting better both pyhsically and emotionally? It does take time, but I know that doesn't really do much to make you feel better.
    I take it you are back at work now? A shame that you weren't able to enjoy your holiday as you should have done, but it probably did you good, having a change of scenery after everything you've been through.
    I'm glad you are back and feeling up to chatting again, let me know how you're doing and if you need a moan or support just let me know. xxx
  • Hi Shrewpin,

    I did read your reply to my post a while ago but didn't manage to reply. I have been looking out for your posts & i hadn't seen any on here from you in a while & wondered if you were ok.....i even asked in the CBFM Clan post if anyone had heard from you! Glad you're ok tho. Hope you had a good half term.

    I am getting much better as each day passes...as the cliche goes time is a great healer & it is true really. My oh has been absolutely fantastic & we talk about it all the time & he's really supportive so that has helped me get through it. I am still finding it tough....my best friend found out she was pg at the same time as me & she had her 12 week scan last week & it was fine.....i am so so pleased for her but just feel really sad that i'm not going to be going through all these things too. Also my sister in law is pg too so i'm gonna be surrounded by baby talk. I should have had my 12 week scan today & am feeling really sad.....just had a bit of a cry too. I'm not sure why but just did a pg test & it was obviously negative and i burst into tears when i saw the result...i knew it would be neg, but just had to do it to check...am i going mad to do that??

    My oh & i have talked & he wants to wait until i've had my 1st af & then try again....if it were up to me we'd start straight away. I went back to work last week & everyone has been really nice ( only my headteacher & my classroom assistant know) everyone thinks that i was just really ill ( i have got something called crohn's....so they all thought it was that, that was wrong). I think it's helped being back at work as it takes my mind off it all tho. Hope you don't mind me asking but after your mc how long did it take to get your 1st af?

    Anyway, 2ww for you then...are you symptom spotting yet? Glad your oh was there when you needed him!! It's good news that your cycle is back down to 31 days! Your body has obviously recovered now from your mc which is great!

    I should really be doing my reports now but i just can't get my head into them....are you doing reports too?

    Well hope alls good with you & chat soon. Take care. xxx
  • HI Nat,

    How are you? Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. It's just taken me ages looking back for the post.
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend and not working too hard on your reports!!! Thankfully I've got all of mine done, just got to print and read through them now. Work is so busy tho, I just can't wait for the end of term. What day do you break up? We finish quite late on the 23rd July, which coincidently was my due date! Not sure how I'm going to feel but at least work might keep my mind off things.
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a little better, it is so right about things taking time to heal. You'll no doubt still have bad days but they will get less and less. I certainly don't think you are going mad doing a pregnancy test, I remember doing 2 tests before my first af arrived and being totally gutted when they were negative.
    I know what you mean about being surrounded by babies and baby talk. I went to see a friend of mine last week who'd just had a baby, he was 1 week old. It was difficult but my oh was there so that made it a bit easier.
    Of course I don't mind you asking about first af. It was 39 days after erpc and then the following 2 cycles were 40 days long last month was back to normal and I think this month will be a bit earlier as I got my peak 2 days earlier. So I had 3 long cycles before getting back to normal ish. If you have any more questions just ask. I know everyones experiences are different and some people just go straight back into a normal cycle. Rest assured your body is a clever thing and will get back to 'normal' in it's own time.
    I've got about a week to go until af arrives. We will just see. I'm trying as much as poss not to symptom spot and not doing too bad, but this week is always the worst for me. I have been trying as much as poss not to come on baby expert as that just seems to make me worse!
    Anyway lots to do this morning so I'll be going. I'll keep a check and see if you have replied and will keep you posted on any news. Take care. xxx
  • Hiya shrewpin,

    Sorry haven't replied for while....had busy week last week trying to get all reports done, at least its all done now! Phew!

    How are you? I saw your post the other day about feeling down & i replied but not sure if you saw it. Hope you are feeling a bit better now & you managed to have a good weekend with your oh. It's only natural for you to feel down about the fact that your dd is approaching....it also must be really hard for you as your oh is away with work too. I think you have been so brave i really do.....you WILL get pg, just try and stay positive.

    How's work? I can't wait til we break up - everyone at work is literally counting down the days! We break up on 22nd July, our head put the 23rd down as an INSET but we don't have to go into school! Since my mmc i really haven't been able to get my head back into work mode, i had a meeting with my head last Tues that i completely forgot about, the next morning my head said ....were we supposed to meet last night?? I felt so bad...she was fine about it tho!! Oops!

    Any news? ....have you tested? This time in the cycle is horrible, the waiting game..... Keeping my fingers crossed for you though .

    I'm here for a chat, rant, moan, shoulder to cry on if you want...

    Take care. Speak soon. xxx
  • Hi Nat,

    Hows things?

    I'm okay, feeling much better than the other day. I was having such a down day. I am officially back on cd 1 today and just got in from my reflexology session so I'm feeling so much better and relaxed.
    How are you doing? I know what you mean about getting back in to work. I was just the same after my mmc and feel really that it has effected me all year really. Some days I feel like my head is so full of stuff that I'm always forgetting things. Like tonight I was supposed to bring some assessments home but completely forgot them. Oh well looks like a nice lazy evening for me. You certainly can't get away with coasting in this job you have to be on top form all the time. Not long to go to the hols now, the days are flying by. Before long it'll be here and I just can't wait. I am so ready for it, as I'm sure you are.
    Anyway I hope you are okay and you are still managing to stay positive. Let me know how you are getting on. Take care. xxx
  • Hiya shrewpin,

    How are ya? Hope you are ok & had a good weekend! What fab weather we are having!

    Crap that your af started, what day are you on now....when are you expecting your peak?

    Well after 6 weeks exactly i think my af has finally arrived, thank goodness. I'm not full flow yet just a bit of red when i wipe so hopefully by tomorrow i'll be flowing & i can press the old 'm' button and officially be back in the ttc race!

    I'll be so glad and relieved when i can use the monitor again.....the last 6 weeks have been awful, i have just wanted to get back to ttc straight away but couldn't obviously as my body was all over the place....the monitor really helps as kinda takes the pressure of the 'guessing when i'm gonna ov' thing.

    Well 3 weeks & 1 day left!! Roll on the summer! Like you, i can't wait....so need these 6 weeks - my head isn't with the job at all & my kids are bloody awful! I work in a primary school that is right next to a council estate and our children are quite tough, lots of SEN, behaviour issues etc....feel like i'm only managing their behaviour sometimes & not actually teaching them.

    Well hope that you are ok. Take care. Speak soon. xxx
  • Hi Nat,

    Nice to hear from you again. I'm really trying to steer clear of baby expert again, as I find I get a little obsessed! Just thought I'd pop on and see how you are doing.

    Good news about your AF arriving, I'm assuming that by now you are back counting the days on your monitor? So what day are you on now? I'm on day 10 today, you mustn't be too far behind me. Not sure when my peak will be here but I'm assuming between day 14-17 if it's the same as the last 2 months.
    Had a bit of strange cm today. My af has finished but today I've had a bit of blood in my cm. I've had a bit of a funny tummy on and off all week so not sure if it's something to do with that. I seem to worry about the slightest thing just now. It's definitely not been caused by to much bd'ing as oh is away this week and don't think it's linked to ov as my monitor is still on low. Ohhhh I'm feeling all confused again!!!!
    Well it's only 2 weeks now to the hols, I'm so tired and so ready for it. Our kids are awful at the mo too, I guess it's just the time of year. I'm really hoping the unison strike happens on the 16th/17th as we will close for those 2 days. We'll have to go in but I'll get lots done with no children there. Fingers crossed.
    I hope you are doing okay, take care and take it easy. xxx
  • Hey shrewpin,
    I know what you mean, i too get quite addicted to this site and have to stop myself from coming on here! But its also good to come on here and get support all you lot.

    I'm sure the cm is nothing really, our bodies are strange things as i've come to realise!! Its so dificult to stop yourself from analysing every little thing isn't it?? Just mad how ttc completely takes over your life.
    Well i thought that my af was starting...i had a bit of brown and red on monday/tuesday and then nothing, bit of brown cm too. I did a pg test last sat & was bfn, so i really don't know what is going on. Crap!! I'm feeling very confused too!! Just wish af would start if its going to.
    2 weeks & 2 days to go! Yippee!!! I haven't heard about the unison strike....hope your school closes that would be great there's always so much to do at the end of the year!
    Anyway, i'm gonna go. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Take care. Speak soon. xx
  • Hey there Nat,

    How are you doing love? Any sign of your af? I really hope that it has made an apperance since your last post. Have you considered that the bit of brown you had could have been your af? Some people do have a very light one after a mc. I think after my mc I had quite a few days of brown, then it stopped for about a day and then af started very heavy. Its all so confusing, but I'm sure that your body will right itself again soon. The most important thing is to remain positive, I really should try and take my own advice sometimes.
    My body is still playing tricks on me. I'm still having streaks of red blood in my cm which is strange. I'm now on day 14 and still haven't had any highs or peaks. The last 2 months my peaks have been on day 14/15 and I've had highs from day 10. Its really strange. I just hope that I am going to get a peak this month, just when I was starting to relax about things my cycle has to go all wonky again! I just wish I knew what was going on.
    Hope you are starting to relax and wind down at work. Let me know how you are getting on. Take care. xxx
  • Hiya shrew,

    Oh blimey, your body is playing funny games.....it's typical that when you do start to relax a little your body does silly things. Maybe you will just get one or two highs this month then straight to peak? Some people even go from low to peak....so don;t worry i'm sure you will get your peak this month might just be a few days later. Will keep fingers crossed for you. Hey you, you must listen to your own good advice.....keep positive.....it is gonna happen for both of us.....we have to keep saying this to ourselves. It will be our turn soon.
    Well, not quite sure what's going on with my body either really. Had that brown/bit of red spotting for 3 days last week then nothing, been having bit of cm last day or two aswell. Woomummy said that she had a really really light af after mc so i'm really really hoping that it was my af, if it was then i'm on cd 8 today & have just done my dates in the ov calendar & i should ov on cd 15 so exactly 1 week from today. Need to get myself some ov sticks then as haven't started the monitor. I really hope that it was af.....keeping everything crossed i ov next week.
    Well work is still as busy as ever. Hopefully next week we will start to wind down. How's work with you?
    Take care, speak soon. xxx
  • Hi Nat,

    Thank goodness it's Friday!!! Hurrah. Have you got anything nice planned? Not sure what we will be doing, but hopefully lots of chilling out.

    I'm now on day 18 and still getting low readings on my monitor. Every morning when I test, I keep hoping but keep getting disappointed. I should be on the 2ww by now. Oh thinks I should do a hpt, but I just can't be pregnant as my period was completely normal. I also don't have any other symptoms apart from being tired, but thats down to work. I was also thinking that if I was pregnant the monitor would probably have gone straight to high as my hormones would have stayed high. What do you think?
    I'm really just hoping that there isn't something wrong with my body. That is my biggest fear. I can't understand why my ov is so late when things just seemed to be settling down. What a pain.
    Anyway how are you doing? What day are you on now? when are you expecting ov to happen? I'm sure if you've had no more bleeding it must have been a very light af. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this month.

    Enjoy your weekend, spk soon. xxx
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