CD1 - OPKs.

Hia - Firstly I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
Well as of this morning I am finally CD1 again and this month thought I would try using an OPK.
Just wondered which people found the best ones were?
THanks alot girlies
babydust and PMA


  • Hi SN,

    Sorry to hear the witch got you and me both on the same day.

    I have only used the FR ones and I only used one this month too so I could do with some instructions on how many days you have to use them.

    Onto Month 2 for us and also CD1, PMA for next month, I normally have a 35 day cycle but this month its been 40days!!

    Anyway good luck and we may aswell be PMA buddies seen as how we have same cycle x
  • i used ebay cheepies and clearblue ov sticks. they were fine. the cbfm did not work for me as my cycles are longer than 45 days.
  • i used internet cheapies from here
    it works out so expensive if you get shop bought ones! i'm following SMEP so i start testing on CD10 and carry on until i get my positive xx
  • I use ebay cheapies as well and they work fine, we caught in our first month, unfortunately it wasn't meant to be but I just got my first ov positive today since the mc, so happy!! Here's the link to the ones I have:

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  • we started smep yesterday and will begin testing using cbd opks tmw. The instructions said to use fmu as its easier but i thought someone on here said it was best to test later in the day? what is best? think it might be hard not drinking for 4 hours in the day prior to testing.
  • it says in my OPKs and on a few other things i've read that you're best off testing in the afternoon as the hormone they test for is produced throughout the day. x
  • ooh, not sure what to do now, I did test this morning and i know i should test at the same time every day but maybe i should do an afternoon tmw? what does everyone think? any help would be much appreciated. I was dead excited testing this morning lol, it does help with my newly found poas fixation.
  • really sorry but im bumping this up as I could do with a few opinions as to when to use the cbd opks. any help is v much appreciated xxx
  • Hi me too - I only used one last month and got a positive so are you supposed to use them for A WEEK solid??

    Also snugglenush - how was your af when you got it has it been on and off like mine or was it continuous tested today with fmu at what would have been 21dpo but if I go by the two tiny bleeds I have had then I am CD3.

    SD xx
  • It's best to test in the afternoon and try not to drink or go to the toilet for 2-3 hours before testing (easier said than done sometimes!) Testing in the morning won't give you an accurate reading as someone said before the LH it's testing for builds up in your system during the day and is broken down again at night xx
  • ah thanks Huni, defo gonna do it in the afternoon tmw now xxx
  • Hi huni, do you have to test for consecutive afternoons, I only used one last month and have heard of people testing a few days in a row??

  • HIya sparkling diamond, me & dh are doing the smep this month and so i am gonna test from today- cd10- until i get a smiley (or af), worried i may not ov & run out of tests and end up buying boxes of cbd opks x
  • SD- My period been perfectly normal now that is has finally arrived. Just hope i don't have anoth 40 day cycle next month!
    Can't cope with the wait lol.
    I am also doing smep so will start OPKs about CD10 maybe a few dyas later cos I have a longer than normal cycle.
    Meant to OV about 15th Jan ish.
  • SD yeah you have to test a few dsays in a row to make sure you catch it. thats why i use the cheapies! xx
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