Feeling down!!

Hi ladies, my af was due mon but still hasnt arrived so just poas and got another bfn, i knew it would be a bfn so i dont know why i feel so down! Im only on mth 3 ttc so i really dont have the right to moan about it because many of you ladies have been trying for much longer. I suppose im more worried about the lack of time i have left to have another baby as im 41 so wanted to get pregnant asap. I just want to cry and scream its NOT FAIR!!!!! Sorry for my moaning its not what all you lovely ladies deserve! xx


  • Ahh sweetheart I am sorry it;s a bfn but just keep strong and keep at it. There has been loads of BFP the last few weeks from girls who have been trying for 6 months to a year so it will happen. I know it;s hard I am sure i will be the same but it will happen image

  • Hi hun. Don't you worry, that's what we're here for! Sending you a big hug and a spinkling of babydust! Keep up the PMA, you will have your BFP soon. xx
  • It's so frustrating, isn't it?!! I know it's easy to say but try to keep your PMA up and it will happen. The sun is shining, spring is here and we'll all get our BFPs soon! Lots of babydust to you ('fraid I don't have much PMA to offer at the moment, myself!).

  • Thank you K-lou and Tibby you made me cry with your kind words! Im sure it will happen for me, ive just got to cheer up and get on with it. xxx
  • Your welcome i have only just started and I feel down about certain things I am so the type of person who wants things now you know. Plus for ever I have always thought it would be easy to fall preg but I guess not.
    I just found out my 18 year cousin is 5 months preg with a baby girl. She had been too scared to tell people!! An i think if she can do it so can i XXXX
  • Hey hunny, i know what ur feeling but i promise it does get better...some months are good and some months are bad...but i promise it will happen, i always put it like this....ur angel is sat there waiting to pick u and when it does the time will be right....try to stay calm....hand on heart this was the first month i had a drink in the 2ww...a runny egg....etc and we only had sex twice the whole month (we do the everyother day normally) but had lots of bugs in our house so wrote this month off.....and after 12months i finally got my bfp, try to get on with things and b4 u know it ur guna get yours, kim xxxxxxx
  • Thank you so much ladies, ive had a good cry so i think ive got it out of my system at least for this month! I just got my tescos vouchers through so i thought id spend them on a clearblue ov predictor, ive got ??23 worth so might even have enough for a bar of chocolate! Thanks again ladies, i dont know what id do without you all!! xx
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