Starting again after 8 years

I had my soon 9 weeks early 8 years ago when I was just 17. The condom split I went and took the morning after pill. Then I waited still no af. I went back to the doctors was advised to wait as the morning after pill can take a while to regulate your af. I got sore breasts so I did a preg test and it was positive. I was 3 months gone by this time and decided I wanted to keep the baby. I was still at school studying.

My son arrived 9 weeks early he weighed 4lb. He was in hospital unitl he was 8 weeks old as he had a few problems which now he is perfectly fine. I was very ill afterwards with retained placenta and severe anemia.

Im now 26 and I want another baby. What do you think the chances are of having another early baby? Has anybody else had an 8-9 year gap between children? was it easy? life was a struggle back then but I would not change my son for the world.

Sounds silly but I wanna plan this one from the beginning and enjoy every minute. I never made it to antenatal last time or anything.


  • Good luck hunny. I had my lo 3years ago at 32 weeks but it was emergency c section due to pre eclampsia. If/when I get pg again it will be a high risk pregnancy and I know that everything about it will be clinical(including conception cos I'm doing diy artificial insemination via donor).
    I can appreciate you wanting the antenatal stuff- I went to first three classes but by the fourth I had had her despite having the latest due date in my group!!
    Do you know why he was premature? I look at the Bliss website, though I'm not a member and there are people on there who have had premature births and gone on to have full term deliveries, sometimes without much medical intervention.
    I hope you get your bfp soon and go on to have an enjoyable full term pregnancy! Good luck!!xxx
  • hi sobroodynow, I had my son 10 years ago and am just over 31weeks pregnant with baby no 2, like you I was 17 when I had Rhys and although I was on the pill I have never regreted a second of having him. He wasnt premature but my friend had her daughter at 31 weeks 2 years ago and is pregnant with baby number 2 now, she has extra scans and a consultant as well as the ordinary care so I assume you would get the same, you are more risky to have prem labour if you have already had one, but they would know to keep a close eye on you this time. Good luck ttc x
  • Hi,
    I had my son 8 yrs ago in august, 3 weeks early by CS.
    I am now trying for my 3rd. Taking a bit of time though boo hoo.
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