best position when ttc

You can tell that I am bored as this is my second post in as many minutes lol!
But does anyone know what the best sexual positions are when ttc?Is there a particular position that will get the sperm to the egg more efficiently? lol


  • Hey Snugglenush,

    I think missionary and doggy are supposed to be the best as they both allow the deepest penetration! We usually jazz missionary up a bit with legs over shoulders :lol: I'll leave you with that thought :lol: xx
  • Hahaha! Yes, I agree, although we've only used doggy so far. I refuse to go on top for TTC!!!
  • BroodyBeth you really made me laugh :lol:

    I agree though and think doggy and missionary are spose to be the best for TTC, having said that we tend to do a few different ones until it's time for his swimmers to say hello ;\)
  • Doggy is the way forward, however, trying to turn round and lay on you back and raise your legs is not altogther that easy, but fun!!!! Zxx
  • i've heard doggy and missionary (in various guises) are the best - if you're feeling lazy, we used to missionary for a while and then I used to spin round and lay on my front, which we both like and it keeps the deep penetration.

    Have fun

  • i too have heard missionary and doggy. too bad for oh as on top is his fave :lol::lol:
  • Broody you made me laugh so much...but hey, it must work!!
  • am i being really think i have no iead what missionary is hahahahaha I know what doggy is image but i never remember which one missionary is :lol:

    Gems xxxx
  • OOOOh gembags you must be into all sorts!! missionary is boring old boy on top!
  • Oh :lol: Homefairy I have problems with him on top......... he wins Always if his on top :lol: and that means game ova image
    I got perg with my son with me ontop and with me going off to wipe up shortly after :lol:

    gembags xxxx
  • Yep doggy, lol my doctor told us to stick with this position.. but there are many ways in which you can do doggyimage (TMI)
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