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sorry TMI but UTI on its way, Please help!!

If any of you are unlucky enough to suffer from these every now and then you will know what i mean when i say that one is on its way... I can feel it is starting to burn a little which always happens at first (sorry way TMI)

Now the reason for one arriving is quite explainable we have bd'd every other day since AF went and i have been trying to 'keep as much in as possible' with the pillow under hips method but it looks like my body hasn't liked that very much *she's a very sensitive little begger :roll: *

Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of them fast and safely if all our BDing has paid off this month?? I know UTI's are dangerous for a pregnancy and it would be typical that the month i finally fall i get a UTI and MC again (MC'd 2 years ago)

Any help would be REALLY appreciated cause i am starting to stress about it and would hate it to spoil my chances. :cry:

Thanks loads for any advise sorry for the long rant.



  • Sorry to hear about uti. If you do have one the only way is to get antibiotics from gp who will test your urine and see if it really is. Sometimes cystitis can mimic a uti. If you regularly get them then can try to prevent with cranberry(either tablets or the juice), don't work for everyone. Also for down there can try live natural yoghurt(not good if you are bd'ing though) for symptom relief, and dinking enough water. If you are bding frequently you may get this more often as may be irritating down there. Every other day is ok and may actually give the spermies time to regenerate and you time to recover down there. Hope this helps. Filo x
  • uti are pain in bum the best thing to do hun is pop down docs and get some antibiotics. sorry i cant be much help hun im same if i dont go loo after bding always get uti if i leave it all night. x
  • Hi im invading this forum, but wanted to give advise.
    I had a uti in the summer and tried all natural remedies for a week, before I couldnt handle the pain anymore, and got antibiotics.I had never had 1 before!
    PLEASE let the docs know you are ttc before they issue antibiotics to you. There are certain types that are ok, but the most common on they use for uti IS NOT SUITABLE in 1st 3 months of preg. I found out I was pg 2 weeks after had the antibiotics, and was told they have a high risk of spina bifida causes in 1st 3 months. I was petrified up till had 12 week scan, praying I hadnt caused any probs. Luckily everything was fine.
    So just wanted to tell you so you dont get given the wrong antibiotics hun.... just incase you have had success this month.
    Good Luck and hope your feeling better too.
    caz x
  • Thanks all, Thanks for the advise about antibiotics Caz thats exactly the type of thing i was worried about.

    I wasn't sure if they could give you any antibiotics without it being risky so thats put my mind at rest.

    I'll just get myself to the docs then and make sure they know i am TTC.

    thanks again for putting my mind at rest.

  • of course let them know if ttc, they may even do a pg test for you as well. Meant to add that the first time round. Feel better soon. Filo x
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