Hi ladies, hope you are bith well.My hubby took me to France for the weekend as a surprise to try and take my mind off ?? MC. It was very thoughtful and i guess it helped a little. My scan is today but i'm not hopeful. Haven't had anymore bleeding, but i didn't last time i mc.
Have a feeling i've lost my little bean.
Sorry this is so low, i can't stop crying here.
M xxx


  • Sorry to hear you are so low,pma on its way.Thinking of you today.x
  • Oh minimonkey, I really feel for you, and know what you are going through as I am going through the same and have my scan tomorrow. Its only natural you are really scared. What time is your scan? Do you still any pg symptoms? I really hope you haven't lost your little bean and will be thinking of you today. Don't give up hope yet.

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