think shes with me now

:cry: i will comfirm later when i know for sure but i am quite sure af has turned up a day bloody early!! had a very small amount of pink in cm yesterday but then nothing and have it again today but a bit more this time so i think shes on her way,probably be full blown by this evening as ive never had spotting before.
so glad there are many bfp 2day so it takes my mind of this! :\(
anyway thats all that i can say, roll on next month :cry:


  • Fingers crossed she isn't hun (would you like to come into hiding with me and k-lou?). If you have never had spotting before it may be a good sign - but I don't want to get your hopes up xx good luck hun xx
  • i will sqeeze in with you and k-lou for a bit if i can? i promise to leave if she turns up so she dioesnt get either of you!
    IWAP wispers"where are you? under the stairs?"
  • **I am definitely in the cupboard under the stairs - shhh - don't tell! Welcome!**
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